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I dont know what y'all are talking about how this is scarier than a horror movie. sure its kind of disturbing but thats just republicans for ya !

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Despite not having a lot of violence or gore it is just as scary as any horror film

This is one of the best mocumentarys/pieces of political commentary i have ever watched.It does not viciously attack conservatives or liberals but rather tells the story of how fascism can rise anywhere on Earth.if the leader is charismatic enough and the people scared and paranoid enough.Bob himself is a manipulative,power hungry opportunist who leads of flock of misguided and scared young men and women who praise him as though he were a god,forming his own cult of personality.Bob preaches a rhetoric based around racial bigotry and outright,self centered greed and sings about in this film stringing up drug users and sellers from the nearest tree,and describes the 60s due to it being era of large amounts of racial and female advancement as though it were one of the most horrific times in mankind's history. I think something can be said of that.The era of love and peace had ended when this movie came out.The hippies had disappeared and been replaced by yuppies.It was the age of greed is good,were being as vicious and cutthroat as possible almost to he point of sociopathy was rewarded instead of shunned.This was the perfect time for a man like Bob to come to power.Also this film also shows how dictators often mask their horrific policies as patriotism.Bob sings about pro-greed anti-immigrant,anti-feminist and anti-minority values all with a chipper and cheery air and all while being wrapped in the American flag.Literally shown on the cover/poster.Possibly this is a reference to Sinclair Lewis when he said "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross".This idea is also shown with Bobs campaign manager a shadowy,shady character with connections to drug traffickers and the CIA.he represents how leaders can get away with the worst of things if they sing the praises of their nation.Bob's voters are just as bad.They are shown as paranoid when not outright violent even killing the reporter trying to stop them,with this being the mentality of most brainwashed members of a totalitarian/authoritarian government.No one speaks ill of the great leader.The most potent scene is the ending one were the supposedly insane journalist trying to expose him is murdered.And people CHEER for his death.In the end Bob wins the Senate seat and the faith of the nation is sealed.However the overall message felt as though it was this "don't let it happen,it depends on you".Don't sit idly by while evil men takeover the nation.Overall a truly fantastic film.