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Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

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Golf, Slow to Watch on TV, but the most challenging game there is!

This is mild in profanity compared to Spectrum's TV listings which now contain hard core pornographic titles to shows. This movie shows the price Jones payed for his greatness. The movie is another, and just as good, Chariots of Fire. The relationships are excellent: Malcolm McDowell, a sports reporter, and Bobby Jones, Bobby Jones and his Father, Jones' father and his father, Jones' Grandfather. There are confrontations with Bobby's Father and his Grandfather. The mother is supportive and his wife, Claire Florani as Mary, is lovely, but suffers under Bobby's bad health and his continuous tournament play. She holds out through all this until Bobby finally retires from tournament golf. He starts the Augusta Golf Course. Through his fame and golf competitions, he also completed a master's degree in Literature as well as passing the Bar the first time to become a lawyer, his retiring trade. The basic message is that money will ruin sports. A timely message and somewhat prescient conclusion.