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Animated tale with positive messages, a few harsh scenes.
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Adult Written byLinzzzabelle February 15, 2021

Too many sexual innuendos

Definitely a budget film. My kids (4 & 6) enjoyed this movie but as parents we were appalled. The sexual innuendos were so unnecessary. Two instances of adults being “found” in the bushes and coming out disheveled. Later when one of the females is getting arrested she tells the policeman seductively “I hope you have handcuffs”.
Luckily these innuendos went right over my kids’ heads. Definitely not necessary for an Amazon Prime KID video and not required for the story line.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byLucy522 March 16, 2018

Yuck! Alluding to a 4-some in the Bushes!?

This was TERRIBLE!! The ENTIRE movie is really about a police car named RADAR, and two bumbling police officers. The birds are *barely* in the movie at all! The two human police officers are only interested in flirting with two female campers (mother & daughter, nonetheless). They are obsessed with them, and don't believe the car when he sees them capturing animals in the park. At one point, the car is looking for them in the woods, and hears giggling in the bushes. He calls out, and the older police officer and the mother basically sit up in the bushes, clothing a bit disheveled, and he says "what are you doing together?" and the officer says "we were, um, bird watching" and holds up binoculars. Then, the other police officer sits up with his arms around the daughter, also clothing disheveled, trying to fix their glasses/tie/hat, etc. They also say they were "birdwatching", with a very obvious nod/wink between them. The car tells the officers he saw the women steal the eagles, but the officers say they believe the women instead of him. The older woman also mentions that she's just using the police officer, while the daughter says she really likes the younger guy. Later, she says to him "I want to be arrested... by you!" Then, "I hope you have handcuffs" while looking flirtatiously at him, and puts her hands out to be cuffed.

Also, in one scene a motorhome is barreling towards a police checkpoint, and the police officer gets down on his knees and closes his eyes, waiting for the motorhome to kill him, but the car Radar pushes the motorhome out of the way.

The whole story is just badly done! PASS!!

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Parent of a 7-year-old Written bysdwiedner March 16, 2019


Overall it was cute and my kids (7, 4, 3) were engaged in watching the film. The one exception was the not so subtle frolic of the human characters in the bushes. There's giggling coming from the bushes and then up pops the police chief with a woman and seconds later up pops the other police man with the younger woman. They were "birdwatching". Totally unnecessary.
Adult Written byLebron12James3 July 4, 2021

Here’s a note about this movie

Bold Eagles is 1973 Anime movie. For the English dub, Disney named the film Bold Eagles, despite being a sequel to the 1970 critically acclaimed anime film Police Patrol. Now onto the review. It is a deliciously dark, engaging, and beautiful film. But the films dark tone makes it better for 18+.
Parent of a 4 and 7-year-old Written bysteffanykraft June 19, 2021


I second the other reviews that covered the inappropriate sequel innuendos, except they didn't mention what bothered me the most which is the apparent age difference between the lovey-dovey daughter (age unknown but she's with her mother so at least at first I thought she was a teenager) and the police officer, also age unknown but he looks old and they call him "Uncle" Richard... If she was a "young woman" and not a teen, then yes sometimes these relationships happen in real life... but no place for it in a kids' movie.

Also just generally a crappy movie.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byAshley M. May 28, 2018

Intense for a little animal lover

My son was very distraught every time they captured an animal and especially when the eagles egg goes over the cliff. We watched it because it was included with Amazon Prime. I had to fast forward to the end so he'd stop crying. If your little one has a big heart or a strong love of animals, just a heads up!
Parent of a 7, 11, and 13-year-old Written byDeclan G. July 11, 2017

Loved it! Dottie was hilarious

Otto! Otto! Dottie the otter was really funny and my daughter's favorite character. I would like to see a movie starring Dottie the otter.
Adult Written byrevjim3 July 31, 2015

Non Traditional Families May Want to Avoid This One

This a cute film for traditional families.

However, the emphasis on the mother eagle trying to reunite with her offspring may be too much for children who don't live with their mother or children living with grandparents.