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mistaked it for kung fu panda

man i mistaked this movie for kung fu panda and my brother jimmy dogvomit just made a review for it and then farted in the air vents like a sussy impster
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There's something wrong with the Common Sense reviews.

WELL, just wanted you to know, I started watched this when I was 3 or 4. I just loved it a lot. I also remember when I was older and I watched this again with my sister, and she loved it too. Sometimes when we had friends over and we get to watch a movie, I choose this because it's the best cartoon movie ever. There is something wrong with the reviews. One time I wondered what this movie would get rated. I was sure it was 5 stars, so I came to this site. It was surprising, like HOW WAS THIS ONLY 3 OR SOMETHING STARS?? I saw that it said this was a violent movie with no educational value...I mean HOOOOWW?? Just...the reviewers shouldn't try to review the movie badly on purpose because the REVIEWER hated this movie (or how it clearly looks like). It looked like they had used a magnifying glass to exaggerate all the itsy bitsy un-perfect parts of the movie and say it like it was the worst thing ever to exist in the universe. For example, first let's see what it says about HoW vIoLeNt ThIs CaRtOon is...just...WHAT THE HECK. We can clearly tell that they are trying to make it SOUND horrible by magnifying the little parts, like, constantly bumping into trees. That's violent? Isn't this how the creators of funny cartoons make the show funny? I mean, it would be violent if they bumped into a tree and blood gushes out of their head and stuff, but this isn't how it works. They almost don't get hurt at all, and the most is just a funny cartoon version of passing out for a little while. Plus it tried to highlight that it includes some jumping-off-high-places. Have you ever seen videos of skydiving or superheros jumping off buildings?That's it, if those are safe, why isn't the movie? Thats just two examples, and now let's look at the educational value. "not present". That would be a biiiiig lie. In the movie, the nice people are trying their best to save the girl, and I still remember something I learned from watching the movie when I was little, and it was a giant influence. Of course, I haven't watched the movie in years, so it's no surprise I can't remember everything. Try to get a chance to watch it yourself, and see really how amazing this movie is. I hope the reader of this review will reconsider. I also hope Common Sense Media will try to make their review a little better with realistic facts, not more dramatic making it sound bad. That is pretty much what I need to say about it...yeah I really hope you will make the change and that will make the whole website better. Bye for now. (sorry if it all sounded like a debate but I just wanted to talk about it)

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