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I'm look / 2 The Sequel to this True Story

I think this is a great movie for all ages because it is based on true events of people of history and why shine the truth up for our children it influence them to be of a fictional story and not to be of reality this movie just shows where we were and what it takes to bring change to people that should be important to each other more and we should always influence our children with truth,and love ,to teach them care to care, for all people poor or rich orphaned ,fatherless or widowed ,we should always have their life's of our conciderations through out our whole life's and they are not to be of an ignored people but reconized and humbley addressed as a people of importance just as much or maybe even more than themselves at times , I think it will be helpful for alot of this generations understanding of looking out for others instead of always looking out for just themselves this movie should inspire people to work together for our good everyone's good and spread the message of sacrafise for the common man and the not so adoring people that take the lime light and take from the not so important glamerous ones feel less than when in fact everyone has an important part in all of our futures and all our purposes in this life we are in together so with that all said ,I'm also in this movie and I'm very proud of this story and would like some day to have a write on of my true life story ,so I'm going to have to fill some big shoes thank God I've been blessed with big feet ,also President Trump's Dad was Woody Guthrie's landlord in real life and now here he is our president and he was here for the paradise fires and Woody Guthrie wrote a song about paradise and Trump's Dad ,so it's a good story to use as a teaching tool and share our history with generations to come in our history changing times God bless America ,Thank you Ms.Rosemarie Lagorio - Lamb

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