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Bratz Babyz Save Christmas

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I can't wait to watch it!

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bratz= yes, bratz babiez = oop-

ok, lets just start off by saying that in general, the bratz are a great doll brand. i know they arent really a thing anymore, but when i was a kid i loved them, but my parents would not buy me them. i never saw anything wrong with them, but my parents said they were too "grown up". i can understand where they were coming from what with their outfits being revealing and all, but i think that they are just confident and thats great! anyways, the bratz brand in general is cool, but this movie is a bit weird. why are the babies dressed as teens? why can they speak? why do they look like their teenage counterparts? idk about u but when i was a baby i wore dungarees and dresses and onsies. not... crop tops and miniskirts.

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