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Breach – A heady Spy Drama

Breach – A heady Spy Drama Thanks to a friend’s recommendation I came late to this one and while constantly watchable (in fact quite engrossing) Breach is to be taken as a Hollywood product. While based on specific amazing facts regarding anti-American spy Robert Hanssen, many situations are fabrications of the screenwriter. That said, this production remains superior movie entertainment. As always, the strength of the central performances will differ with each viewer’s attachment to those cast in respective roles but generally, all acquit themselves well, with Chris Cooper particularly eerie as Hanssen. Director/co-screen adaptor Billy Ray thankfully avoids over-indulging in too much modern sensationalism - apart from the totally fictionalized, sexual perversions of the main character. American-born Cinematographer Tak Fujimoto creates mystic images, while Composer Michael Danna matches his compositions and carries the moods. This successful production should please those with an appreciation for complex dramas with a basis in factual characters.

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