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Adult Written byDexterSmith April 9, 2008

Over-the-top commercialism, raunchy humor, and nasty language

Sexual Content (Pause): Britney grabs her chest while cheering about it being real. Brad pressures Britney for sex. Winnie does a stripper dance to seduce Brad. Brad and Winnie have sex offscreen. Violence (Not an Issue): Some comic violence, one serious injury (a broken arm) is briefly and lightly touched upon. Language (Pause): "S***", "slut", and "whore" is just some of the nasty language in this movie. Camille and Britney give each other the finger. Social Behavior (Pause): Girls are mean and racist, Britney learns who her real friends are. Some crude humor, diverse cast. Commercialism (Off): Lots of product placement. Popular singer Rihanna figures prominently into the plot. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco (Pause): Some references to drugs ("Coffee's like crack to white people").
Adult Written byD-DZIB April 9, 2008

I can't wait for B.I.O. 3!!!

As a cheerleader myself, I really found this movie inspirational. I think this movie teaches us about responsibility, hard work, and not to cheat. I highly recommended it to my friend Zach.
Parent of a 2 and 8 year old Written bybrightonwoman February 19, 2009

This is no kids movie

I had seen the first BIO, and so thought this one might be ok to share with my son. Boy was I WRONG. He loved the dancing and athletic part of the cheerleading (as I had known he would) and thankfully most of the sexual content was over his head, but WOW based on the first one I had NOT expected it to be this bad. The story was cliche (they all are, so that's no big deal) but the cheerleading routines really took the low road by being extremely sexual and (in my opinion) vulgar. (warning, spoiler ahead...) The ongoing pressure from Britney's boyfriend to have sex with him was uncomfortable (although kudos to her for saying no!!! What a good message!) I realize that real kids face that kind of thing, but there is no reason to expose younger kids to it. That's why I say this movie is appropriate for 14+ (high school), and not before.
Adult Written bydvdqueen March 26, 2012

i liked this one!

I liked this one she went to a new school and was a new cheerleader. but i thought it was mean Camellie kept calling her white girl cause she was the only white girl at that school sorta racsit . but once i went to a public school and there wasn't many white people so i guess i felt just like Solange Knowles Smith charcter the really nice white girl just wanting to fit in . its just like the 1st Bring It On the clovers agaisnt the toros white girls vs black girls but these movies aren't racsit no way! there just feel good movies espically this one!
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Adult Written bygilbank April 9, 2008


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