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Adult Written bydepewcampbell November 9, 2010

Kids who understand sex and homosexuality.

This movie isn't as vulgar as it is made out to be. It's not full of gay sex, not even conversations of gay sex. There is only one sex scene between the two men (there are actually two sex scenes involving a man and a women and another scene of foreplay between a man and a women, the women being topless), and it isn't even that explicit. You see no male nudity, only women's breasts. The two men only kiss three of four times. The movie is about the love these men share, and how it affects their lives. Don't think this is some soft core porno. It is a romantic drama. Nothing more, nothing less. It really shows how gays are discriminated against, and how it affects them.
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Adult Written byhearyoume358 April 9, 2008

A MUST see

For months and months I saw the trailer for this movie on TV. I was devastated when it didnt come out in my hometown right away. Then, finally, it came out and i couldn't wait to see it. I rushed to the closest theatre playing it and bought a ticket. The movie was everything I had hoped for and more. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me angry, and most of all, it made me think. Yes, it is a movie about "gay cowboys" but that is a cruel simplification. Moreover, it is a devastating love story. It tore my heart into pieces seeing these two PEOPLE in love, and them not being able to be together. It made me sick seeing the prejudice and hate that people have for other human beings. Everytime they had to leave each other, my heart broke over and over again. I know this is a story that I will carry in my heart all my life and I hope everyone who has a chance to see it will. It will change your life.
Adult Written byKari1 February 8, 2009

This film should have won Best Picture

Brokeback Mountain is a beautifully filmed love story set in a time when men could be brutally killed for engaging in homosexual acts. The pain each of the two men feel is palatable. I recommend this movie.
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byTsion October 18, 2013

One of the Most Gorgeous, Heartbreaking Films You'll Ever See

Brokeback Mountain is the kind of movie that only comes around once a decade; one that pulls you so intensely into its story that you feel it for days afterward. This movie sticks with you, in all of its grand romance and heartbreaking sadness. Unfortunately since its release it's been unfairly labeled the "gay cowboy movie." Of course the movie is about gay cowboys, but to only refer to that is a misguided simplification. This is an incredibly deep, emotional movie about how we, as humans, fall in love, keep secrets, relate to other people, judge those around us, and cope with tragedy. It's epic in the scale of its storytelling and rich performances, and the inappropriate content, however shocking it may be to some, isn't actually all that graphic. There're a handful of love scenes in the movie: one gay (with a few other gay love scenes implied) and two heterosexual. In both the heterosexual scenes the woman's breasts are plainly visible for a short amount of time. The gay love scene is definitely not a tender, romantic moment. The side of one man's butt is shown as the other man pulls down the seat of his jeans. We see some thrusting, but the scene is short. After that initial scene, however, there are some additional scenes of men unclothed in bed together (we usually only see their upper halves) but those scenes are sweet and tender. We see two men nude a handful of times as they bathe and skinny dip (we see rears and flashes of full frontal nudity). Language is strong but not pervasive; probably around 20 "f" words. A few men are beat up onscreen bloodily. We see a bloody, rotting corpse in a flashback scene. It's implied that a major character is beaten to death. Characters routinely drown their sorrows in alcohol.
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Adult Written bySirenStar November 4, 2011

Wonderful movie with A-list actors

My best friend and I saw this movie in theaters and it surprised us. We thought it was about two friends running a horse ranch. Imagine our shock when we found out what the movie was really about!! I thought the movie was beautiful, and if you have mature teens who want to view this movie, let them watch it. Not for any child that doesn't understand/hasn't been told about homosexuality yet, though they can't be kept in the dark about that issue forever. Amazing film!!
Adult Written bygracem April 9, 2008

absolutely wonderful

I'm not big on dramatic movies, but I love love stories and this goes down as one of my favorites. Some people call it the "gay cowboy movie". I call it an "unorthodox love story". Simply put, the movie is brilliant, and Heath and Jake put such passion into their roles. As for the sex scenes (only one graphic one, everything else is implied), can't not have that when it comes to an adult love story. Anyway, watch it, but make sure the kids aren't around. If you don't like guy/guy stuff, by all means don't watch it.
Adult Written bynjcronk April 9, 2008

Teaches kids to care - better than violent crap

I would take my kids, ages 10-17, to see Brokeback Mountain in a heartbeat. It would teach them to be compassionate human beings, just like God wants them to be. On the other hand, I am still mad that there was 30 minutes of beheading and killing in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which I wish I hadn't taken them to see.
Adult Written byPan April 9, 2008
Adult Written byrkesten April 9, 2008


This is a film that forces you to challenge how you feel, not only about Gay cowboys, but about passion...about love and about what makes us human. It was not until after I left the theater that the power of the film hit me and now, over a week later, I cannot shake the feelings it has aroused in me. The recognition of what is important in life, doing what you love and finding the one thing that brings you great joy and fulfillment, since life is all too short. For a film to do that, for a film to make me want to see it again (something I never do)I give the director, cast and crew the four stars they deserve.
Adult Written bykaleighsmom0821 April 9, 2008

I'm not sure about this one

when i first started watching this movie i could not get past the love scenes and i actually turned it off and then a couple of days later i decided to watch it again and try to finish it. when i finally watched the whole thing i realized that it was a good movie. i would not recommend this movie for children but for adults i would so go for it you will probably be surprised at how good it really is.
Adult Written byMilesMom April 9, 2008

A new perspective love story

This is a great movie to open people's minds and hearts! The cinematography is outstanding and the story is captivating and endearing.
Adult Written bybluedevilO4 April 9, 2008

BEST romance movie ever

I have always wanted to see this movie and it was worth the wait when I finally did watch it. Many of my friends have called Brokeback Mountain "the gay cowboy movie" but it is way more than that. This is hands down my favorite romance movie. The movie was really sad, especially the endig. I did have a little trouble understanding what Heath Ledger was saying at times because his accent was very deep. It was also slightly boring in the beginning but it picked up. This movie deserved all the awards it won.I think this movie can open the eyes of many people if they just take the chance to watch it.
Parent of a 17 year old Written bynolie40 December 26, 2009
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Too much sex
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Adult Written byTXRanger April 9, 2008

Touching, powerful and realistic

I thought this film was great for showing a realistic portrait of the turmoil that many homosexual people went through as they tried to conform to society's demand that they be heterosexual and denied their true feelings. Although the wives of the main characters were given relatively little exposure in the movie, the film gave a powerful indication of how family members are hurt by the deceit Ennis and Jack felt was necessary to live in an intolerant society. The only caution I would have for younger children is the sequence that showed the man who had been killed for living with another man as a couple. That kind of violence is shocking for adults and may be too much for younger chiidren. Overall, great movie!
Adult Written bys_kellum April 9, 2008

though provoking, beautifully filmed

I went expecting the love scenes would make me squemish but they didn't. One of the most touching movies I've seen in ages. My heart ached for the character of Ennis as he struggled with what he has done & how he feels about Jack & himself. An excellent movie to take an older teen to followed by a trip to a coffee shop for a discussion on sexual identity & fitting in. Everything abt Brokeback was well done.
Adult Written bymermaid April 9, 2008
Adult Written byGhcool April 9, 2008
Adult Written byRiddle_Me_This April 9, 2008

Better than it was labled

Many ignorant people have labled this movie "The Gay Cowboy movie", But they're all wrong I watched this movie with a friend of mine, (We are both Heterosexual mind you) and we thought it was going to be terrible, but after the first couple minutes, it was the Cinementography that captivated us. The Scenes are not explicit at all, and I think any kid who has had sexual education or who has been taught to be tolerant of people with different sexual preferences should see this movie. However, the movie has one sex scene that implies the fact that two men are having sex, but it isn't nasty at all. There are also a few other sex scenes (Yes both Homo, and Hetero) That you can't really see that much. There is also nudity, some bare breasts, but it's mostly naked men. But like I said, they are blurred so you really can't see any genitals. There are a couple bad words, but they are only used at appropriate moments (Like in anger, or excitement) And the violence level is very mild, a few punches were thrown, some people bled from barfights, but there is a scene where a character dies by being beaten to death. (although you only see glimpses of it) There is also many situations of Distrust (ex. The two men don't see each other, so they get married, but one mans wife becomes suspiscious) And also many of the characters drink (But that is not the reason they fell the two men fell in love mind you) This movie has opened my eyes to see all the slander that homosexuals have had to put up with, and they still have to put up with it now. But if you take your kid to watch this movie, it will definetly change his/her view on homosexuals, so they can see them as people, not "Queers" The Passion in this movie can make almost anyone cry. So before you judge this movie because it has an affair between two men, you should see it with a black, and white view. (Meaning that you see everyone as equal) Good acting, Wonderful scenery, great message, one of the best romance stories ever. Watch it.
Adult Written byIlovebrokebackmount July 24, 2016

Brookeback Mountain's Brilliance

Just go watch Brookeback Mountain right now! Stop what you are doing as you won't regret it - it's honestly one of the best films you will ever see! I strongly recommend it! It will be your best life choice yet! :) also there's gay porn so enjoy! ;)
Adult Written bynazg2001 June 26, 2016
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