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Happily deranged comedy has typical Carrey humor.
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Adult Written byForknose April 9, 2008

A great movie.

Imagine being God.... That's the point of the movie. Nothing really made me think this movie was inappropriate, except Jim Carrey used the finger twice (that's all). It is a harsh thing to think you have to be 14 to see the movie (I am older, but still). I would say ages 7+ would like it (if your kids would get the movie, that is).
Adult Written byAnonymos June 26, 2019
Written byAnonymous December 22, 2018
Parent of a 6 and 11-year-old Written byDBDBDB July 3, 2016

so funny, good message, but... wait til kids are teens

This movie is so funny. This was one of my favorite movies before I had kids, so I was excited to show it to my daughter and her friend. I remembered the good message and thought it would be a great opportunity to bring up some discussions. Yes and no to that now. It has way too much language and too many sexual references. I thank God that I fast-forwarded through the sex scene (It doesn't actually show sex or nudity but still too much going on in there). I wish I had checked here first and then filtered out the other bad stuff or simply waited another year or two. But, the good message of the movie was still there, and it did give me an opportunity to talk to the girls about an important subject some. I think this would be a great movie for teens when they are starting to question things as it would be perfect for bringing up those discussions and made a really good point or two. Many kids will still have too candy-coated of an understanding of life to really appreciate the impact of the message. I still love the movie, but I have some misgivings, especially for children. It is absolutely hilarious, though.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byMatt B. May 24, 2015

Good story funny but for teens and adults.

This movie has parts with sexual content especially the sexual arousal scene. The sexual content will most likely go over kids heads, but I still recommend that if they are under 13 to be supervised because they may have questions about that scene.

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Adult Written byAidan S. April 11, 2015

Hilarious movie Jim Carrey is a master

Bruce has the hots for another woman a sex scene and Bruce cheats on his girlfriend
Adult Written byidzeshan March 18, 2015

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Adult Written bykpianist7 September 20, 2014

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Positive Messages
Parent of a 18+-year-old Written byredhawk3260 May 13, 2014
Parent of a 12-year-old Written bymoivieguy October 7, 2010

ok for !0+

Great movie and perfect for teens but should be ok for 10-12 as long as you fast forward through sex scenes.

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 15-year-old Written byTsion August 13, 2010

Charming Comedy with Some Good Morals...

BRUCE ALMIGHTY has become, in the years since it was released, a classic comedy that has spawned a sequel, the unshakeable image of Morgan Freeman as God, and heightened Jim Carey's career immeasurably. It is a fun movie for teens and their parents, but it's not for kids.
Bruce uses his God powers to enlarge his girlfriend's breasts (nothing shown, although she comments on their size), and arouse her before a sexual encounter. He creates a romantic atmosphere (moon, stars, candles, etc.) and then strips to his briefs while she gets ready in the bathroom. While she's in there, he arouses her while saying words like "anticipation" and "pleasure". She comes out of the bathroom with her hair frizzed up, and she jumps on him. The scene ends there, and it is played for laughs rather than eroticism. Also, there is some language: one "f**k", and some "s**t"s, "a*s"s, and "h**l"s. Much of the profanity is portrayed as humorous. Other crude jokes include Bruce making a monkey emerge from a gangster's anus (and having it return), and Bruce's dog urinating all over the house. Though the lead character acts in selfish ways at first, the film carries positive messages about forgiveness, faith, and selflessness.

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Parent of a 13-year-old Written byohya August 6, 2010
very good but words like f--k are used

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written by4Spice October 23, 2009

very good 11 and over

good movie very funny has a good point 11 and over
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byzac3 October 17, 2009
this is awesome

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Adult Written bybomber253 October 9, 2009

Very Funny

Hahahaha I loved this movie. This movie is for anyone who loves Jim Carey and is looking for a laugh
Adult Written byPanya April 9, 2008

Not for kids

There were some funny moments, and seeing Morgan Freeman's role is nice, but ultimately this movie was just...meh.
Parent Written bybolandparke April 9, 2008
Needless offensive language and flippant sexual context makes this a not-bvery-funny film for parents with children. The use of the F-word is entirely unnecessary. The pictures of the dog urinating is hardly humorous, and the repetitive self-centeredness of Carrey's character is barely redeemed in a toss-off final scene in which God, swell fellow that he is, makes it right just in time for a simplistic ending. This is hardly a film from which children will learn anything about God's interventions in human affairs. It is a waste of time for parents and kids.
Adult Written byjigould April 9, 2008

There is a great message in this movie.

The two main characters used the Lord's name in vain several times. Jim Carrey's character was very disrespectful to God. And, Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniiston lived together without being married. That is what is going on all over the world by unsaved, as well as saved, people. So why do I say this movie has a great message? Because what we don't often see in movies are characters who are so blatanly anti-God turning to God by the end of the show. Jim Carrey did an excellent job playing a man who was angry with God for how his life is going. Jennifer Aniston did a spectacular job of not preaching at her boyfriend as he fell into an abyss of his own making, and she maintained her sense of peace and good boundaries as he was doing so. I believe the message that came through loud and clear is that God is real, we should pray for His will, and that He answers those prayers. There were some moments of obvious Jim Carrey humor, such as a monkey coming from someone's rear end and a breast scene (clothed), but all in all, I believe older kids and adults should be able to watch this and take away a message of what a relationship with God entails and the peace that comes with such a relationship.
Adult Written bysammo07 April 9, 2008

A good message about God

Adult Written byMrsperez April 9, 2008

Entertaining and thought provoking

It was a geat movie, one that I will buy. It is not for children. Definitely an adult film. I am very picky about the movies I choose to watch and this one was worth my money and my time.