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Happily deranged comedy has typical Carrey humor.
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Teen, 16 years old Written byHeheGonzalo August 16, 2016

My rating: PG-13 for some sexual content and language

Kid, 12 years old January 23, 2011


Well.... funny

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Teen, 16 years old Written byHowlingSnail September 9, 2013

Overall, this film is quite...PLEASURABLE!

Great movie, but a few things to be wary of. There is quite a bit of swearing, mainly fucks and shits. There's a fair amount of sexual content too. After Bruce gets his powers, he uses them to blow a random woman's skirt up. Later on, Bruce and his girlfriend Grace are seen kissing passionately. He then makes it so that she will have orgasms whenever he says "pleasure" or "pleasurable" to her. He does this several times, and we see her cumming in the bathroom. He then throws her onto the bed, and sex is strongly implied. The next morning, they describe the experience as "heavenly", and she comments that her "boobs" appear bigger. It's strongly implied that Bruce did this with his powers.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Teen, 16 years old Written byJake-ster April 9, 2008

Hillarious, good for teens, but humor might not be appreciated by everyone

The story was very funny and I loved Jim Carrey
Teen, 13 years old Written byEricCarrRulez February 23, 2011
"Jim Carrey never fails to make you laugh 'till your sides hurt!"
Teen, 14 years old Written by96grlpowrCE June 9, 2010

Such a hilarious movie!

Bruce Almighty was my favourite movie when I was younger. My parents and I would watch it together everytime it came on television. It's HILARIOUS. Especially the part where Bruce exacts his revenge on some thugs in an alley... in short, it's disgusting yet funny, and involves monkeys. Hahahaaa. And the part where Bruce decides to play a little trick on the anchorman and makes him say all these weird things on TV. :) lol! It can be a little inappropriate, but a lot of the dirtier jokes will go over some kids' heads. I can see how it might offend some super-religious people. I don't see this movie as making fun of God, but some people might. However... like I said, it's a hilarious movie, and it's not to be missed.
Teen, 15 years old Written bySantiago April 9, 2008

This garbage is just a waste of people's time and money!

This movie is trash. No good morals, nothing. I suggest never seeing this movie unless you want to see a stupid movie with ugly jokes and too much sexuality...
Teen, 16 years old Written bySmartgy693 April 9, 2008
I laughed soooo hard I cried during a couple of scenes. Jim Carey and his news-cast rival are a good comedy group. It has a good message about doing what is right and not doing what you want but thinking about others first.
Kid, 10 years old May 12, 2010

It isn't THAT bad

It isn't THAT mature for a PG-13. The language is fine, except for one use of "f--kers". The worst sexual thing is Bruce makes Grace's boobs bigger.

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Positive Messages
Kid, 12 years old July 27, 2014

A Good Movie for the Whole Family to Watch

This movie is really funny and it comes with a nice message to have faith... I have seen this movie with my family several times and it always makes us laugh. I totally recommend it!

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Positive Messages
Kid, 10 years old July 25, 2011

WAAAAAAY Better Than Evan Almighty!

I LOVED this movie, like all other of Jim Carrey's movies. Sure, there is ONE f-bomb, but who really cares? The point is, it was HILARIOUS. Let me ask you something...WHAT WOULD THE WORLD DO WITHOUT COMEDY?!?
Teen, 16 years old Written byTyTy the movie guy June 2, 2017

Carrey comedy has heart and humor but slightly crass

My rating: PG-13 for crude sex-related humor, language, some nudity and drug use

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Kid, 11 years old June 28, 2015
This is a great movie with interesting themes and a unique storyline, good acting and funny moments. But can explain events more descriptively and is very fast moving.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Teen, 15 years old Written byTnMovieFan2 April 9, 2008
Kid, 12 years old February 16, 2019

Religious Redemption Carrey Dramedy

Superpowers and life lessons are seamlessly blended. Elements of fables, bizarre Mask-style humor, and the lesson people don't know what they want are mixed.

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Positive Messages
Kid, 12 years old November 22, 2018

Decent Carrey movie gives a Sort of Funny Take on What it's Like to be God

Jim Carrey plays yet another role no other actor could replace. It is a decent film, but it isn't nearly as good as some of his other movies like "The Cable Guy", "The Mask", "Liar Liar" or "Dumb and Dumber". So far as content, for sexual stuff, Bruce gets the powers of being God and he uses them quite irresponsibly at first, by making the air lift up a woman's dress revealing her panties. Grace makes a remark later in the film that her breasts look bigger and in the scene there are some jokes about it. Bruce and Grace have sex, but it's offscreen, very much implied though. There is a decent amount of language for a PG-13 movie, with a prolonged middle finger gesture towards a hated co-worker, and some other words, Bruce almost says Holy S--t in front of God, but he stops himself. Basically, a decent Carrey movie, probably worth the watch, but still not his greatest. 11+ for a few mild sexual things and language.
Teen, 14 years old Written byJohannes1234 June 18, 2018

Good for 8 years old

It was abslotly best movie ever way bettet than other comedy movies.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Teen, 15 years old Written byDwc13th March 19, 2016

Great movie

Hard pg-13

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Kid, 8 years old July 20, 2015

Very raunchy,racy Jim Carry comedy has loads of strong language.

My rating:R for racy innuendo throughout,frequent vulgar language,and nudity.
Teen, 14 years old Written byJimmy Brew July 17, 2015

Silly carrey humor in religious free comedy also with mature content

My rating:12+ Langauge,adult content

This title contains:

Sexy stuff