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Fun but dated musical will appeal to parents more than kids.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byVenezia June 23, 2014

Great movie

I love this movie and find myself singing the songs all the time! As a teen girl I'm one for romance but everything is too extreme. Hugo and Kim have a very cute, innocent relationship. All they share is one brief kiss, which you don't see in modern movies. Conrad birdie is very over-the-top and it's extremely funny, especially his fangirls. However younger people might get bored with the romance and dramatized fandom but anyone my age will love it!

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Positive role models
Teen, 13 years old Written byLukeCon April 16, 2020

Fun, poetic musical-satire has a few edgy moments

While very fun and funny, Bye Bye Birdie is truly a satire. Is it a satire on music? Or is it really a satire on human nature? In a sense, this film has a deeper message embedded in it. There is more than meets the eye to this film. Behind the laughter and fun musical numbers peppered throughout, there is a message that ultimately satirizes our reaction to situations. Do we overreact to situations? Do we react the wrong way to things that happen in this world? Perhaps Bye Bye Birdie is actually showing us that message.
Like many people overreacted to fictional character Conrad Birdie appearing on television to kiss a girl, we may overreact to certain situations happening in the world these days—so, while Bye Bye Birdie may be dated, it still has a relevant message: that we can overreact to many situations undeserving of overreaction. Plus, we shouldn’t obsess too much over celebrities. This is a message shined upon throughout the film.
However, that still does not limit fun musical numbers from spreading into the mix. There are many beautifully performed dances that occur throughout the film, and the dancers are very talented. The musical numbers also clearly present a story in the film.
However, this film has a relevant and important message and it really caricatures our reaction to sometimes meaningless situations.
While Bye Bye Birdie is a really good movie, here is the content description for this film:

Positive messages: 5/10. The film, while not excessive in positive messages, presents a clear message that we shouldn’t overreact to situations that may not even be important by showing us the exaggerated reactions of many characters. Also, the film shows us that we shouldn’t overtly glamorize celebrities.
Positive role models: 3/10. While many characters overreact and are negatively obsessed with a celebrity, a couple characters are good role models. Characters are kind to one another and truly love each other, including one character who wants a family.
Violence: 2/10. Violence is extremely mild, and is only limited to some very hectic screaming, which leads to many girls fainting and falling to the ground. This isn’t violent, however. There is one scene, though, involving a man who falls down stairs, going unconscious. He tries to get up, but hits his head as a result. Also, there is some arguing by people.
Sex: 4/10. Sexual content is relatively tame, compared to modern movies. However, the plot is still centered on a large group of girls who swoon for an attractive singer, but nothing explicit happens. There is, however, some innuendo; a father once says that his daughter will lose “more than sleep” if the rock star stays at their house, this reference will go over most kids’ heads though. It is also implied a woman is undressing in one scene, but nothing explicit is shown. A couple scenes involve couples kissing. Shirtless men and women in bikinis are shown in a shower in one scene.
Profanity: 0/10. No profanity.
Drinking/Drugs/Smoking: 3/10. Adults drink at parties in a couple scenes. One adult smokes a pipe in one scene. There is a mention of champagne in one scene.

However, aside from some mild iffy content, this is a good movie, and is actually not a typical musical-comedy. It is actually a satire of how we react to situations that happen in this world. It has a good message that should be learned by older kids and teens.
The musical numbers are very fun and toe-tapping; they will evoke happiness and sometimes laughter. The numbers are also wonderfully performed by the talented actors. The dancing is also very good, though underrated by critics.
Sometimes a dated movie could be very relevant to today’s world. Bye Bye Birdie is one of the best examples of old-fashioned relevance. I give Bye Bye Birdie 4 out of 5 stars, and recommend it for preteens 11 and up.

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Kid, 10 years old June 18, 2011


its my favorite thing in the whole world i love bye bye birdie more than going to the beach i was even kim in a showcase for a one boy scene i love it overall and it is amazing if people understand it they would love it!