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Parent reviews for Camp Rock

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Disney turns out a fun, clean, surefire tween hit.
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Parent of a 18+ year old Written bySuperStarzSingerz August 29, 2013

This is Me!

Camp Rock is one of my favorite movies. From a teenage standpoint, this movie shows that teenagers DO make mistakes and the outcome isn't necessarily pretty or what you want. For Mitchie, she wanted to "fit in". we all want to fit in at one point of our lives. In the End, Mitchie realizes she can just sing and be herself.

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Educational Value
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Positive role models
Adult Written bymomistheword September 9, 2011

Just read my review and u'll get my poiint

Are you kidding me? This so boring. A movie is suppose to be entertaining with twists and turns and strong characters and this is just....Not. Its basically about A teen who has no friends is not popular , blah blah blah and gets to go to a summer camp witch is based about rock? More like cheesy pop. And then the main character mitchie wants to 'fit in' with the snobs of the camp who everybody is afraid of (for some reason) and lies about her self and her family and basically does a bad preformance and then the movie is over. First of all this is unrealistic. And boring. No story no plot no twists and turns. Its not a good movie. Weve seen this all before the same characters,plot,story. The music is so annoying that not even 7 yr olds will like!! Its just a mistake and should have never premiered. The characters lie to eachother,Make fun of eatchother.... Why can't there just all be friends or whatnot. No good rolemodels. You say mitchie is? She basically lies to every one and has no respect for anyone!! don't watch it, it is sooo bad. this is my opinon but i strongly advised you say NO!!

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byRogerHouston April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymovie master February 22, 2011
good for any age good movie

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Positive role models
Parent of a 2, 7, and 9 year old Written byCARPCAM5 March 24, 2009


I thought this was a wonderful movie for my 7 and 9 year old. This movie teaches you not to pretend to be someone your not and to be happy with your self and the talent you have. It displays that if you are mean to other people it will come back to you. I think this movie should be played in every school!!!!
Adult Written byluella August 23, 2010

Good for 6-9 after that it gets boring!


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Positive role models
Adult Written bygarfield2711 April 9, 2008

Nothing wrong in it and slightly entertaining.

Adult Written bytrabeebaby April 9, 2008
They used the word stupid way too much, Tess is very mean but it gave me an opportunity to talk to my daughter about girls Behaviors and how not to act, great movie to have a conversation with your child afterward on bad behavior. My daughter has watched it 5 times since it came on.
Adult Written bytrinitysmom June 29, 2009

Cat fighting overdone

Although in the last 10 minutes of the movie the main characters learn thier lessons, your child will have watch 1 hour and 20 minutes of back biting, snobbish behavior that she may not be exposed to outside of a Disney drama. That MAY have been toerable except for the dimensionally challenged stock characters and predictable storyline. I don't recommend this movie.
Adult Written byyetijones February 26, 2009

Dear Me What Happened to the Classics?

I am 18 years old, and I have to say that I have seen Disney follow quite a downhill trend (in my opinion) over these last nearly two decades. My first memories of Disney were wonders such as "Fantasia," "The Sword in the Stone," "Sleeping Beauty," etc. So I would like to inquire as to the nature of the more recent media put forth by Disney: "Camp Rock"? "High School Musical (What number is the world on now, 3?) 3"?! Whatever happened to the pure artistry and clever plots we once could experience? Where have all the times gone when Disney was actually entertaining because of its subject matter, not due to some desire to please the shifts in demographics? Utterly disgusted, I end my rant. Adieu
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Not a great movie, but nothing objectionable here

If your kids loved HSM, they'll love this, too. There's absolutely nothing objectionable here, except the shameless commercialism of Disney (and who's surprised by that anymore?). Camp Rock toothbrushes and ipod cases anyone? The main character, played by Demi Lovato, is ashamed of being the "poor kid" so lies to be part of the popular crowd. The Joe Jonas character, Shane Gray, sheds his superior "I'm a cool pop star" attitude after working at his uncle's performing arts camp all summer. Of course the two are attracted to each other. Of course there is the required snobby blonde girl (and her loyal followers) who must remain queen bee at all costs, and who, of course, gets her comeuppance in the end. Everyone's focused on performing in the "Final Jam" and winning a chance to record with Shane Gray (Joe Jonas). Neatly and predictably, they all learn their lessons in the end. We got this On Demand before the premiere and my kids (daughter 10 and son 5) have already watched it three times. They both love it. I find it no more annoying than High School Musical -- perhaps the music is not quite as catchy as HSM. When they're done watching send them outside to put on their own "Final Jam" among the trees.
Adult Written bymama2eee April 9, 2008

Loved It

This was a very good movie! I watched it with my children and they loved it! We liked it better than High School Musical; and we felt those movies were great. We enjoyed the characters and the storyline and especially the songs. I think the Jonas Brothers are excellent role models for childrenof all ages.
Adult Written bychristian-witness June 28, 2012


A very good movie.

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Written byAnonymous November 26, 2018
Adult Written bymorolaoluwao March 11, 2015

Camp Rock

I think Camp rock is amazing. It is good for kids aspiring to be in the music world. I don't know why people would hate it.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bybostondad April 9, 2008

Rent HSM2 again instead

My daughter thought it was terrific. She's 8. I thought HSM and HSM2 were terrific. I thought CAMP ROCK was a mess. Very little originality went into it. The acting was thoroughly mediocre. The plot was embarrassingly simple, shallow, and see-through. I recognize that movies like this aren't supposed to be Shakespeare, but Disney certainly could have put a little more time in. Music was catchy, though the dance numbers were unimaginative. Watch HSM2 again, instead.