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age 7+

Fun old movie, but more emotionally intense & violent than the Common Sense review suggests

My family (kids age 5 & 9) enjoyed this movie for our monthly family movie night, but it was sadder and more violent than we had anticipated for our 5 year old. Much of the plot revolves around whether the little girl is going to be taken from the guardian who raised her, a topic which young kids understandably find frightening. Then she IS removed, kicking and sobbing, while she and her protectors are overpowered by the "bad guy" adults. She continues to cry and beg for her guardian for another scene or two. It is not resolved so quickly, and although there is a happy ending, it is VERY short and sudden, so short and sudden that it's hard for kids to understand what happened and not that satisfying. There are also a couple instances of violence: someone punching someone else in order to try to knock him off a boat, a serious and angry kick in the butt, a lot of adult name-calling (although the name-calling is so clever and high-literacy that kids probably don't understand most of the words, like, "You dessicated barnicle!"). Overall the movie is a good one -- wonderful singing and dancing, adorable little girl, funny slapstick, humor that had the adults laughing out loud. I also appreciated that the little girl and the men defy stereotypes -- the men are doting and caring caregivers, the girl is strong, smart, and self-sufficient, mostly wears pants, is an expert about and lover of ships. Enjoy it -- just wait until your kids are old enough for the intense storyline!

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