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Use of G. D. (Lord’s name invane) is not mentioned any other reviews.

This title has:

Too much swearing
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age 18+
This had a cuss work (f***) in it which was not mentioned
age 18+

Waste of time

I spent 1hr50 watching this crap movie. Worse movie of all times. I would never watch it again even if I was paid to watch it.
age 18+

What a bomb

Captive State is a boring and depressing movie, poorly written with a very flimsy plot line, extremely poor acting with very awkward cinematography. It has no visual appeal. Do not expect any type of special effects and mostly absent aliens (a cross giant sloth/porcupine). The original 1953 The War of the Worlds has more special effects than this low budget movie. The “special effects” are an alien ship (a flying pointy rock) and a few large statues with anti aircraft artillery near the embarkation point. Thrills of any kind are totally absent. Violence is the biggest problem: gory surgery, some torture and lots of chaos and stress. The iconic phrase in the movie should be strike a match and burn this movie. So, if you want to be entertained choose another movie and avoid the disappointment and boredom of this one.
age 13+

Excellent and smart drama

Do not expect explosions, laser guns and fantastic alien landscapes. This is more of an espionage thriller that happens to be about a resistance to an alien invasion. If you have ever seen the TV show "The Colony" then you have some idea of the setting. (This movie is not related to the TV show, they just share a common backdrop). To get the most out of the movie you have to pay attention and a little knowledge of history will not hurt. It is very well acted, the tension continues to rise in each act and the payoff was very satisfying (to me at least). Highly recommended.
age 18+

Worst movies I hav e seen in several years

This is one of the most boring movies I sat in. Want my money back
age 15+