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This movie was pretty good. Kind of confusing, but good. It would be hard for younger people- like 13- to truly understand the entirety of the movie. To connect the dots. Therefore, every four seconds you would hear, “what is that” or “what does that mean” which would be a pain. ANYWAYS, the movie has some vaporization of two people which is seen quite clearly. They dig out this device out of someone’s neck. (Close to their collar bone) which is clearly shown up close. Which in my opinion, is rather disgusting. Especially, for younger kids this would make them sick. There are aliens with huge pokes on them. And some jump scares. The aliens are scary- for younger children. (Under 14) They move in a very lethal and limp way. (Like their back is curved. Almost like penny wise) they attack at numerous times. And you can also see- the devices in the necks moving quite clearly. Almost, like it’s buzzing. This movie is DEFINITELY not for anyone under 12. Parents should watch this first before deciding if they want to show this to their kids who are ~13 or younger. There is swearing. F

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