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Casper's Haunted Christmas

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90 minutes we'll never get back.

My son, almost 8, liked this movie. I thought it was awful for the following reasons: -the story and writing is contrived. It's almost unbearably bad. I fell asleep three times (granted I have the flu; were I in my right mind I would've read the reviews and said no to this choice) -the language is terrible - everybody is a "jerk" and so on - the characters are, by and large, unkind with no redeeming qualities or complexity (save Casper, who's one-dimensional and frankly, kind of annoying in his absolute lack of personality) I'd watch Merry Christmas Mr. Bean on Youtube instead (hilarious!)

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Too much swearing
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Skip it - terrible movie with negative language and lots of negativity.

Terrible movie for kids. Language is very negative and full of "stupid head", "I'm gonna die" and characters are verbally abusive to each other. Additionally the plot is pretty lame. We turned it off after 20min and my kids still walked around trying out the new bad language. So if you want your kids calling each other "stupid", "dumb" along with other unrespectful language, then watch this movie. Otherwise, skip it - there are much better Christmas movies out there.
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i lpove it soooo much can i see it

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Educational value