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Parent of a 9 year old Written byemg_mom December 22, 2010
age 6+
I think someone who didn't understand the original wrote and produced this movie. It is awful. Wilbur is whiney, his change into a crazed boarhog is weird and it is just terrible that it has the name Charlottes Web on it.
Adult Written byadvocatewhat'sright December 26, 2012
age 2+

Decent sequel to the original

OK, it's true what the site says about it not being as good as the original. But it's pretty good. Granted, it was made 30 years after the first one came out, and it wasn't released in theaters. But then, 8 years later, they put the Cars sequel in theaters and it was too scary. This isn't. It's only about as scary as the original (Cars 2 was 50 times scarier than its original). So, in the sequel, Charlotte's three daughters, who were babies at the end of the original, are now adolescents (teenagers). Wilbur's life is all good, but everyone thinks he's a coward because he seems to have no spine. Then he meets Cardigan, a newborn lamb who's literally the black sheep of his flock. Everybody starts making fun of him for that, until Wilbur shows up and introduces him to the farm and his through of slop. Cardigan even learns how to snort like a pig. Then all of the sudden, he gets sold to another farm owned by Mr. Hirsch. Yes, Wilbur's life is in peril again, because without Charlotte, who's going to be there to remind people that he's special? And it only gets worse when he travels with Charlotte's three daughters and Templeton to save his new friend Cardigan, only to end up looking like a wild pig. Then an evil fox shows up and steals a hen from Mr. Hirsch's farm, and everyone thinks it was Wilbur. So now, Wilbur must work with Charlotte's daughters to tell everyone (via web-writing, like in the original) that the fox (named Farley) did it. In the end, Aranea and Joy stay with Cardigan but Wilbur has to baby sit Templeton's bratty kids. He had promised to do this earlier when Templeton had to get Wilbur out of some brambles bushes, which also helped make him look like a wild pig. Well, it's more action-y than the original. Maybe that's because today's kids have ADD (or ADHD for some). One of my friends has ADHD and she doesn't usually like these kinds of cartoons (the Disney kind). So she might like this even if she didn't like the first one. They still teach us about friendship, just like in the original, because it's still a buddy movie. As one of the songs even goes, "But most of all, I'll be a friend. We'll be buddies to the end. Most of all, I'll be a friend to you." I must warn you though, if you think that Fern will look just like she did in the original movie or the book, you're gonna be disappointed. It's like this is her younger cousin or something. But she still loves Wilbur though. One last thing though, the review doesn't say language is a problem, but in the review for Dumbo it mentions how the gossiping elephants make fun of him. There's a similar message here about the bullying. One of the lambs even says, "Play? With you? I wouldn't be caught dead! Forget it!" and another says "he's a loser, with a capital L!" And just like in the Lady and the Tramp sequel, the word "butt" is heard (when Templeton says to Wilbur "get off your butt!" at the 35:52 minute mark on the DVD. This is where he offers to help albeit with babysitting in mind). But still no sex or drugs. So all in all, this sequel ain't half bad. It's just not the same quality as the first. 8.5/10
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