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Best movie!
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Good movie but have a problem!

Edit: I know Shrek the Minion! XD And here's SussyBaka87 too!
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Chicken Little Is a philosical masterpiece

Chicken Little is a 1943 classic directed by Stephen Spielberg and written by William Shakespeare. The animation is gorgeous, the plot didn't feel rushed or slow, and the character development is awesome. Go watch this masterpiece. I found this user Shrek the minion! He/she reviews are so funny. He/she wrote this review and it is the exact same as mine. They have other reviews too. Go check them out. They are so funny!
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Little Chicken, Big Invasion, Laughs Galore

This movie is what I consider to be an "underrated Disney Film". Not a lot of people know about or like it, but I think it's great. It's funny in several aspects. I've watched this movie several times in my life, and I didn't get any of the references until just recently. The cinematography is great, especially considering the time it came out. I also love the soundtrack with it's fun and heartfelt songs. The overall message was good also. Nothing to worry about in terms of cussing and sexuality, but some of the invaders may be a bit intimidating for the younger audiences (although I was unphased). All in all, great movie.
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Kid friendly, appealing, and poignant doomsday movie.

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Chicken Little is a philosophical masterpiece

Chicken Little is a 1943 cinematic classic directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by William Shakespeare. The animation is truly gorgeous, the plot didn’t feel rushed or slow, the character development is excellent, and the action is epic. Go watch this masterpiece.
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I think its great

This movie is sad at the beginning because everyone treats the main character horribly. But, I don't know what swearing people are talking about. I read the comments about the movie and had to go watch the movie again because I was confused. This is a great movie with a great soundtrack, plot, message, and development. It is a movie that came out with a lot of bad talk about it but, it has come to be one of my favorite movies. The plot is interesting and a lot of my friends think it could have been a very different movie if they chose to stick with one storyline. This movie is for kids but, like in all movies, there are adult jokes for the adults in order to be willing to take the kid to see the movie. Lion King, Tarzan, Shark Tale and many other movies have adult jokes so the adults don't mind watching the movies as much. I think anyone can watch this movie. It came out a year before I was born and I watched it the first time when i was four and I have loved it ever since.

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Great messages
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its for everyone

there's nothing inappropriate i dont get why people say not for kids