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Charming animated escape tale has some peril, scares.
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Adult Written byKheshmet November 12, 2018

An excellent holocaust movie

An alternatively funny and grim movie, Chicken Run is well worth watching for both adults and kids. While many of the overt Holocaust references will go over the heads of kids, adults should understand and appreciate them.

The movie drives home a powerful message with a well done production crew.

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Adult Written bylamar June 9, 2014

Nightmares for my 6-year old

While this is an adorable movie for anyone old enough not to worry about the situation these chickens are in, my 6-year old saw this at school and was very scared by the film. She had several difficult nights, waking up with nightmares, crying, etc. I am not happy that her school chose to show this film to such young children. I think the G rating is surprising, and would recommend it for slightly older children, age 8 or 9.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byGavin W. September 14, 2017

Cute film, but things to consider

This is a cute film with clever parts and some intriguing characters. However there are things to consider before showing a younger child. The film begins with the female chickens trying to produce enough eggs to avoid "getting the ax." This happens to one of the chickens at the start of the film. As the film progresses the characters try to escape the farm as they are trying to avoid being killed and turned into chicken pie.
My son watched the film and later had fear at night thinking about the chickens running for the lives the entire film.
He isn't an overly sensitive child but is perceptive and it bothered him quite a bit.
Parent Written bycrankylibrarian January 3, 2014

"Are Those the Only Choices?"

Chicken Run is a sadly under-appreciated movie. A coopful of chickens, led by the fearless Ginger, conspire to escape the farm before they are all converted to pies. At one point, Ginger, exhorting her followers to risk it all issues the rallying cry, "We either die free chickens, or we die trying!" (Wild cheers!!)

To which one chicken, the sweetly spacey Babs meekly replies, "Are those the only choices?"

We humans have a stubborn, but pernicious need to divide the world into 2 opposing camps: you're either for us or against us. Good vs Evil. Capitalist vs Communist. Yankees vs Mets. Yet this binary view often keeps us from finding true solutions, and achieving meaningful understanding of "the other". The binary view presents us with false choices that ultimately are no choice at all.

Chicken Run offers a great opportunity to talk with your kids about times they're pushed to do something wrong or cruel, or simply unwise. Can they be brave enough to be a chicken, and ask with Babs, "Are those the only choices?"

Some pretty sophisticated humor and references to old movies, (notably "The Great Escape"). And Ginger the chicken leader is a delightful character: brave, smart and devoted to saving her friends, (nice contrast with the self-satisfied Bunty, who initially refuses to participate in the escape plan because she feels safe herself).

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Adult Written byKMuru November 6, 2019
Adult Written bydanny800 April 21, 2019

chicken run is not for little kids

i think chicken run is a amazing movie but its not for little kids because a character in the movie gets her head chopped off off-screen a rooster named rocky drinks out of a martini glass and acts drunk a character knits a noose two of the main characters are in peril when they fall into a pie machine and mrs tweedy tries to kill the chickens by chopping off their heads with a axe with that being said chicken run just like Aardmans other stuff before shaun the sheep was not made for kids but was just family freindly slapstick comedy and i dont reccomend it for anyone under the age of 13

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent Written byFanBoyJosh314 May 12, 2015

Great movie, but some inappropriate humor and confusing themes

Parents should understand that this is a great movie with all the claymation, and action making it probably Aardman's best movie. It is really funny, but there are a couple of swears, the main rooster pulls out a tail feather and calls it a "cocktail", implying that the feathers come from his butt, with the first 4 letters being a swear. When they are learning to fly, one of the mice says "flippin' hell" which would be considered a swear. And the hard theme to understand is that one of the chickens gets killed with an ax which may be confusing to some young kids that she got killed. There is also a good message that you should really use teamwork, when the main rooster doesn't understand that, and says "Everybody listen to me", and is very full of himself as a professional. But otherwise the only other scary part is the machine that turns chickens into pies, there are some blades and weapons that might scare younger kids. I'm not sure what else to say, I think its fine for kids ages 5 and up.

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Parent Written byJulie B. March 15, 2015

Funny, but scary and over little kids' heads

I had heard good things about this movie, so I showed it to my 4 and 6 year old. There were some really scary scenes for the little ones. The movie is set on a chicken farm (laying eggs) and the farmer gets a chicken pot pie making machine to increase profits. The chickens are in fear of their lives, and at the end, the farmer lady is chasing them with a butcher knife, and the 2 main chickens go through a pot pie machine trying to chop them up. Way too scary for my kids.

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 7-year-old Written bymom of 7 yr old girl June 7, 2013

My review of Chicken Run

It was fun, silly, strange, kind of scary and made me nervous about what would happen to the chickens.

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Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 12, 2012


This is an excellent movie.I LOVE claymation.It looks really good on this movie! This is why DreamWorks rocks!
Adult Written by413804 January 29, 2012

one of my favorites

Genius film with terrific animation. A pretty harsh scene were a chicken dies and some scary moments

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 7 and 10-year-old Written byMattmchugh February 5, 2011

Fantastically entertaining for everyone in the family

Like the best animated movies, this one works on many levels. For little kids, it's funny adventure. For teens, it's a tongue-in-cheek take on classics movies. For adults, it's a reflection on mortality, longing, and self-determination. And it's all done with bug-eyed claymation chickens you care about as characters! Pure brilliance.
Parent of a 6-year-old Written byruthhill74 May 30, 2010
Parent of a 5-year-old Written bytrejo November 4, 2009

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Educational Value
Parent of a 17-year-old Written bylove2 September 29, 2009

a good movie bit there are3 things you should know.....

i loved this movie when i was little but there are 3 things i should tell you about this movie: 1. it has some vilonce and lots of peril 2. a very sad scene were they briefly show a chicken being killed with an axe 3. the boy chicken Rocky flirts with the girl chickens.

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Violence & scariness
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Parent of a 4, 8, and 10-year-old Written byVerFamily May 10, 2009
Parent Written byqtnn January 11, 2009
Parent of a 11-year-old Written bygeerinck April 9, 2008

Funny Film for Kids (6+) & Parents

This is one of those films that was written with enough tongue-in-cheek references to older films (especially Steve McQueen's "The Great Escape" and William Holden's "Stalag 17") that it will delight parents while the animated action/comedy will keep the kids rolling. This is a film the family should be able to enjoy for some years to come.
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008


Once a kid knows that we eat chickens, this is slapstick funny
Parent Written byEmily R April 9, 2008

Lots of fun

This movie chronicles a group of heroic hens' efforts to escape the destiny set for them by two evil people (and all of us who eat battery-raised chicken). They are courageous and resourceful in the face of danger. They are, in the farmer's words, "organized." (In American English synonymous with "unionized," which allusion increased my enjoyment of the film.) There are many fine lessons about life, teamwork, and perseverance. My family recommends it.