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Visually arresting and rich with music, but love story misses mark

Ironically, for all the excitement, passion, and life that the Latin jazz soundtrack brings to Chico & Rita, the story itself is a predominately quiet one, with most action and conversations very reserved and mellow. And despite all the globetrotting and love-hate yearnings Chico and Rita share and experience, there’s not enough of an investment in the time they spend together to make us feel for the times they’re apart. Directors Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba should be credited for bringing something unique to the animation genre, but even the engaging animation and lively Latin soundtrack can’t save or elevate the muted love story that could have been. >>>>> Chico & Rita is an animated feature released by the largely kid-friendly GKIDS, but it is definitely not for children. Rita is fully nude for an extended scene, she and Chico are both nude while making love, and several women’s bare behinds are shown. In terms of violence: Chico’s girlfriend and Rita fight across Chico’s apartment floor, Chico is shot in a dream sequence, and another character is shot several times and killed. There is also drinking, smoking, profanities, and one racial slur. >>>>> READ MY FULL REVIEW AT: filmfather [dot] blogspot [dot] com.

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