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Shameful Depiction of Schools

This movie was so incredibly wrong in its portrayal of a public school at which a child is left during a snowstorm. All schools take the safety of every child very seriously. There are lists and bus monitors, as well as staff who make sure kids getting rides leave with recognized, acceptable drivers of individual cars. This was very sad to see! As for the thoughtless parents, they should also be ashamed. If there was anything funny in this story, I couldn’t see it due to the horrible way it made schools look, and for the terrible bad parenting demonstrated.
age 9+

Intense scary scenes for young or sensitive viewers

I am surprised that none of the reviews came out and discussed the intense scary scenes where Izzy dresses up as a ghost. When I heard another reviewer mention ghost, I pictured a white sheet with eye holes. In actual fact, it was more like Ghostface or skeleton like. They made it more scary by telling a ghost story with creepy background music and talking about how the ghost wraps chains around someone's neck. This was very uncomfortable for my daughter, who is very sensitive, and we had to fast forward a large chunk of the movie.
age 8+

There is some language present

The rating of no language present is inaccurate. They say things like crap, moron, stupid, idiot, etc.

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 6+

Cps would be involved.

Really though the story was completely implausible. The parents forget the kid at school and are quick to blame each other meanwhile every other character is acting like this is totally something that the parents do all the time. The fact that no teacher is mandated to stay there until every student gets picked up by either parents or the bus is not real. CPS would have already taken her away from people that constantly forget their own kid at school. Also, lets not forget there is a blizzard that the news on the tv and radio have been talking about throughout the movie. That alone should have been a sign to any good parent hey maybe I should get my kid early or atleast make sure my spouse is doing it. Hello, I was screaming at my tv where is CPS. I could not get past this crappy unthought out story to think the movie is in anyway good.
age 3+

It's just awful

Bad acting, slow, poor storyline, just terrible. I feel sorry for Danny Glover and the dog. Another bad movie that Netflix has paid a measly sum for.
age 7+

Kinda cheezy Xmas movie but OK

It's a fun simple Xmas movie. I don't think it's meant to be a Home Alone knock-off, as some have said. The girl does some pretty innocent trickery, dressing up as a ghost and scaring the bad guy. Some silliness for the kids. Danny Glover and Denise Richard's did a good job in their roles. Don't be a grinch looking for the faults and weak story-line. Just enjoy a simple, slightly amusing Xmas movie.