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Hold on for deer life!

ME: Kids in mind, come here! KIDS IN MIND: Yes? ME: You forgot to review this movie that csm overrated in language and underrated in sexual content. KIDS IN MIND: I give it a 4.2.4 Violence is used in this movie, like, never, if so it is cartoonish (literally). There is also a scary dream sequence. The special effects are not amazing, but cool to watch. Sexual content is shown with some passionate kissing between couples, a scene where a couple is naked in bed together (butt showing), and somebody talking about big t-ts in their face. Language includes one use of f--kin, t-ts, b---h, and hell. There are two uses of s--t, and four of a-s. Drinking is used constantly with a couple characters getting drunk. There are lots of drug references. It is done really well, with fun scenes where elves make toys. Plus it is funny! It is Get Santa in French + Science of sleep.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking