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Well played

I absolutely love this movie!! Great actors, no cussing, shows you how teenagers like to scheme an actually think they can get away with it, actors an actresses did a wonderful job. Music was great nice choices.Great movie I watch it repeatedly an I’m 58 years old. Need more movies like it. Family movies!!

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Poor Body Messages for Girls

What struck me most (after the ridiculous premise and lack of consequences for pulling off this switch) is the way the women and girls talk about female bodies. One of the main characters says she "throws like a girl" and has to be taught how to throw a football. The rich grandmother takes food from her "granddaughter", saying "a moment on your lips, forever on your hips".
age 11+

Barely Mediocre but Entertaining Movie Enjoyed by 11yo With Screwball Ending

The two grandmas actually do a good job here, if you are of a certain age, see if you can recognize them. It was a cute movie, totally predictable, and needed some help that even my 11yo told me how they needed to fix up the script to make it better. She enjoyed. I didn't have any issue with the referenced drinking or bullying, and much of the movie portrayed the characters making value oriented choices. It was really pretty enjoyable, if hokey, up until the end. The worst part of the movie was the dreadful family reveal at the end (not the one you are expecting), which made it into some kind of crazy hillbilly movie that you would make jokes about.