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Parent reviews for Cinderella

Common Sense says

Sweet fairy-tale classic for little princes and princesses.
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Parents say

age 4+
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Adult Written byMi3 February 3, 2011
Parent of a 4 and 7 year old Written byLaurenT August 4, 2010

Our girls deserve better role models

While we all love Disney, the typical Disney message is a terrible message for young girls. The message that, "life sucks until some guy comes to rescue you from your miserable life" is not what I want to teach my girls. I want strong, empowered women that will solve problems for themselves when they are grown(sure, have a family while you do it - the guys can). There must be better messages we can send our future women!
Parent of a 5 year old Written bydrpepper700 September 30, 2012

Great movie.

5 year old has loved this for years, she saw it first when she was 2, at a time when she wouldn't sit still for anything, but loves this. And as for the issue with Cinderella being rescued by a prince, I really think people over react. If it bothers you, talk to your kids. Just talk to them. However, my mother watched this as a child, so did I. Neither of us are subservient, oppressed women. Just like Tom and Jerry never made me drop an anvil on my sister's head. Although if your child has a stepmother, you might want to talk to your child about that. For a while after this movie, my child thought all stepmothers were evil. (Of course, there are a few step-parents in the distant family that are not so nice to their stepchildren...)
Adult Written bySTRIDER9 April 7, 2013

thumbs up

Cindrella is a sweet girl who is abused by her family but insteed of seeking revenge she stays kind and helpful. Also can be seen as a christian message of christ's love and forgivness as well.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Parent of a 3 year old Written byMuffinsMummy December 28, 2010

A good introduction to the Disney canon

My daughter LOVES this, and has for some time now (can't remember whether she was 2 or 3 the first time). The first few times she watched this she was a little concerned during the scenes where the mice are being chased by the cat, but she is overly sensitive on this issue as she is frightened of cats (don't ask me, I have NO idea why). I don't love the fact that Cinderella is portrayed as remaining happy, sweet-natured and uncomplaining whilst essentially being psychologically abused by her step-family. However I think my girl is too little to think in those terms really - she just sees the step-family as "mean and nasty people", so it's not really a problem. When she's older we may have conversations about whether Cinderella might have done better to stick up for herself a bit. What I (and she) do love are the songs (especially Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo, and the one sung by the mice while they are sewing Cinderella's dress). Also the villains are not particularly scary as such, they're just unpleasant. Finally, this movie is just generally magical & beautiful to look at. A good introduction to Disney princesses, I think.
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008
Adult Written bylmtrav August 10, 2014

Cute movie

This was definitely never my favorite Disney movie as a child. I found Cinderella to be a boring character and always preferred more modern Disney princesses like Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. The movie is just fine, and lots of little girls love it. However, I think parents just need to remind their children that they can overcome hardship like Cinderella BUT on their own. The message of Cinderella overcoming her problems is a good one, but the way she does so is not realistic or necessarily that positive.
Adult Written bychrisymag April 9, 2008

A classic for all generations

Thank you Disney for opening the vault again. My grandaughters and I can't get enough of this classic! A must see these days for all our "little-ones".
Parent Written byMichelle K December 15, 2016

Nothing's Good Enough For You, Do Some Historical Research

Stop complaining about gender roles, that would be I know you wouldn't like it if it was more "girl empowering," because it's "not true to the original story". (sigh) Disney movies are NEVER good enough for parents! Well, consider THIS: This movie was first made in 1950! In 1950, most women didn't even GO TO WORK, and it wasn't because they were having a child. It was because of GENDER ROLES, of course! Also, Cinderella takes place in the 1800s! Don't complain about gender roles. But I will ABSOLUTELY complain about how FOOLISH Cinderella is! She is ridiculous. She just sobs and sobs when she doesn't get her way. But don't say that you would like her to be like MULAN! She's a damsel in distress, as most girls were in the 1800s. So next time you review the first 3 Disney Princess movies, just you think TWICE before you say "I didn't like that she didn't stand up for herself". But those messages are not good today. Nowadays we want girls to stand up for themself instead of being lazy like Cinderella. And complaining about the fairy godmother part is not reasonable. Would you let your child go to a wedding dressed in rags like Cinderella? NO. She was getting dressed for a formal occassion, like any of you. She didn't dress up to meet a man. She dressed up to go to a formal occassion. "Wait! Didn't she go to the ball to meet the prince?" Possibly. Actually, most likely. But a common thing in the 1800s France. So do some historical research. Look up Cinderella on Wikipedia. Nothing's good enough for parents and caregivers in terms of the first 3 Disney Princess films.

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Adult Written byrosenyc June 20, 2013

beautiful animation, good messages about kindness.

Our girls, who are 3 and 4, love this film. And I do too. The animation is beautiful, the songs are sweet, and the story is simple enough for them to follow. The thing I like most about this film is that while Cinderalla does end up with a prince, the focus is not on romance, but rather on the fact that Cinderella is a girl with a very positive attitude who treats other people and animals kindly, even when she herself is not being treated the same way. My girls often ask why the step mother is so mean, and it's been a good jumping off point for conversations about why people act the way they do, and how to deal with people who might not treat you as nicely as you hoped.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byC_Personality January 13, 2012

Better than I remember!

I was pleasantly surprised to watch this recently with my 5 and 2 y/o girls. I have not seen it in years. You can see the quality of the character's hearts very easily. Cinderella is always happy and sweet, even when living under horrible conditions. (How is that even possible?!) The Stepmother is horrid and awful, and her daughters have learned well from her. There are many discussions that can be had about character and how to react when you are mistreated. And the music is ... simply wonderful! This is the "good" magic of Disney! There are some scary parts where the cat (Lucifer) is chasing the mice, and the cat also is presumed dead from falling out of a window at the end, which could be frightening for young children.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byToniarjordan April 9, 2008

Cinderella I think is even worse than the bratz

My first problem with Cinderella is the fact that she needs to be saved by a Prince. I bought this movie because I gave in to my daughters begging.Previously I bought the Disney Multi-cultural Cinderella because they spoke of Cinderella finding her own strength and shows her trying to leave even before te prince came.(trust me though I had several problems with that version too) But at that time I in my daughters life she need to see a princess that was not European. Bratz although I have large problems with there apperance and values at least the y have girl power and do not wait for prince charming to come and save them.
Adult Written bySonia Montejano April 9, 2008


i can still watch this movie X years later.. your kids needs to see it to understand what "classic" means.
Adult Written byKJGav April 9, 2008

Always keep your chin up

Both my girls (3 and 4) love this movie. I had a few issues with it because she needs to be saved by the prince, but I think there are good messages in it as well - like don't let mean people get you down, keep you chin up, always be kind to others, and go for your dreams that we focus on instead. My little ones had some questions about why the step-mom and step-sisters are so mean, but we talked through that and it's not an issue anymore.
Parent of a 17 and 17 year old Written bypoppinsfan August 14, 2015

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bybethlthomson April 9, 2008

i laughed

Cute & Sweet!!!!
Parent of a 2, 4, and 6 year old Written byLily R. July 28, 2016

Not Great...

"Bippy Boppy Boo" doesn't really say it all. Cinderella is all whiny and says "My stepmother abuses me so I better go get a prince" My kids have only seen this at Gigi's house and HATE IT. Unlike Minions or Frozen, this has not been a phase at all. Gigi hates it too, and the only reason they have it is because Poppy went to a Disney Shop and looked in the Princess section and picked up the first thing he saw. Poppy lost the receipt, so they cannot take it back. It's too bad because Cinderella sucks. Poppy went to the store again and bought The Little Mermaid. The kids like it better.
Adult Written byMidnighthaze94 August 1, 2015

Not my favorite Disney Princess, but still a masterpiece

I think Cinderella is the perfect intro to the Disney Princess movies for kids. No scary villains, (the stepmother and stepsisters are mean, but not scary), no suspense, (mild conflict between the mice and cat, but a lot more funny than tense.) Cinderella is humble, respectful and hardworking despite her unfair circumstances, and in the end, Cinderella's kindness and patience are rewarded. Everyone always acts like the prince is the one who saves Cinderella from her stepfamily, but I have always felt that it was really Cinderella's positive outlook and faith that her dreams would come true, (hence, the fairy godmother.) It may be unrealistic how soon she falls in love with the prince, but hey, the magic is unrealistic, the talking mice are unrealistic. If you are worried about your kids, then just explain to them that it's just a movie, just made up for fun. I think a lot of you adults need to be reminded of that too, so many people take these movies way too seriously. Honestly, I think my biggest concern about this movie is the way kids could view stepparents, so just make sure you explain to your kids that not all stepparents are mean.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 3 year old Written bygcg April 9, 2008


Cinderella never allows hatred to poison who she is. She is very loving toward others, even when she herself lives in a very unloving situation. The kids will love the fairy magic, but a good message that comes along with the magic is that you, not your circumstances, determine how happy or loving you will be. There is a lot of power in that!
Adult Written bySpiff April 9, 2008
Very cute movie...like a previous reviewer said, it was one of my daughter's favorite books and I finally relented and let her see the movie. She loves it and I was amazed that she could actually sit through a full-length movie (she doesn't watch much TV). She was slightly bothered by the king's hitting of his assistant, but I tried to explain that he was just playing around and she was fine with it.