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Searing story of betrayal isn't for kids.
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Parent of a 13-year-old Written bycolten97 October 10, 2012

Very good

I've been hearing lots of negativity about this movie. I think a lot of people have been shocked, frankly, by the raw and rough nature of the film. Having read the play, I've been looking forward to it for about a year now, and it's honestly one of the best plays I've ever read. Mike Nichols presents it in an amazing way, very faithful to the words as they're written.

It's a brutal topic, sex and love, especially when they're combined. I thought the movie was amazing. It captured all of the vulnerability, caustic harshness, and acerbic flirtation that the play vibrated with. All of the cast brought the movie alive. It uplifts and then brings you way down, but that's the point, and yet at the end, I didn't feel depressed or saddened, just really really awake and curious. It's the feeling you get when you get "closer", I suppose.

Natalie Portman, in a tour-de-force performance, is the standout by far. Maybe it's because she's the youngest, and not expected to be that awesome, but she is. Anyways, her Alice is flirty and sweet, caustic and manipulative, evasive and yet very open, sexual and gloomy all in one character. She has the best chemistry with the men - whether it be purely sensual with Clive Owen, or innocence and affection with Jude Law. She comes alive with the two guys, and their scenes are ones to look forward to.

Julia Roberts, whom everyone looks towards, is not bad in this film. She's very understated and good, but she is outshone in nearly every scene by whomever she's acting with.

Clive Owen is absolutely astounding, and he's definitely on everyone's radar screen. As the man of experience and "simplicity", as Jude Law's character comments, he's brash and hotheaded, but also extremely clever. Owen perfectly plays the sleazy, unlikeable character, but somehow manages to appeal to the audience and even though he's a disagreeable character, I think many managed to find something all right about him - Owen's human sense in Larry.

Jude Law is simply very very good; neither astounding nor bad. The only reason he does not stand out is the fact that we've all expected him to do a good performance. And he does, he has a great performance. He and Portman have amazing scenes together, and he's always on par.

Simply put, the movie is not for everyone; it's a mature adult flick, and does not back down from anything. It's high drama - with all the uplifting romance and brutal arguments of relationships. It's a story about people.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byjorgeal95 February 1, 2011

Good drama and somewhat black comedy in some areas, very sexual.

I'm one of those at-home critics that enjoys watching very well acclaimed performances, and there is definitely some in this movie. It tells a good story of 4 people, 2 couples after the other person in the other couple. Interesting. VERY clear, explicit, descriptive sexual dialogue. Still very understandable for very mature teens only, as I'm 15 going on 16 very shortly. It's a good movie, but highly sexual. If you're mature enough, you're mind won't be too concerned with the sexual stuff. It's not BAD as Common Sense Media says it is. I would say American Beauty is a much more adult movie.

Good stuff, though!

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Positive Messages
Adult Written bybsauerbrey September 7, 2010

A great teaching tool with the right kids and parents.

The story is honest in its portrayal of the values our kids are going to find in our cuture. These are not healthy values, but they are an extension of the acquisitive, manipulative, objectifying ways that our capitalist/materialist society instills in our kids every day in commercials, films, and TV shows of all stripes. I think "Closer" be usefal as a teaching tool--however, the kids have to be of an age when they have been exposed to sexual exploitation in our culture. However, if stark truth without cushioning in not to your taste, stay away and keep your kids away.
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byjsharpe October 17, 2009

no kids

no kids

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byniccoleolm November 15, 2008


This movie was horrible. All about sex and lying. Very depressing don't watch.
Adult Written byMmickeymyheroV April 9, 2008

Inappropriate For My Age

This movie was incredibly intriguing, but I most definitely would not recommend it for anyone my age. The sexual dialogue was harsh, as was the language and general subject matter. The only prolific drug use that could be a problem would be the cigarette use, but generally, I didn't find that to be much of a problem. Honestly, this movie just simply wouldn't be appropriate for children because the subject matter would be of no interest to them. The movie ingeniously depicts love, infatuation, and betrayal, all of which really aren't big sellers for high school kids my age, or any younger. Make no mistake; I really did enjoy this movie immensely. It included performances by Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman that were beyond my realm of comprehension, and the story unraveled in a way that it held my attention and emotions. It was brilliantly directed by one of my most idolized directors, Mike Nichols. For an adult night out, this movie would be a recommendation from me. It brought a lot of issues to the surface of my mind, and I predict I will still be thinking about it for some time.
Adult Written bykierstyn April 9, 2008

very well put together.

CLOSER was a very compelling story about the consequences of infidelity. I loved the movie. but i would never let my kids watch it.
Adult Written byColdrick April 9, 2008