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Adult Written byChuck Reid March 15, 2012

Oh snap! ROAD TRIP!

This movie is a lot of fun! Its got action and comedy!
Adult Written bycrackerjack5 January 21, 2010

Nothing for parents to worry about.

There is nothing wrong with this movie. It is very clean and positive, with a good message. It's not very funny for adults, but kids will like it. And the pig is cute.
What other families should know
Great messages
Adult Written by4Spice December 12, 2009

good for family

good for the family not a action killing movie 7 and over
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 13 year old Written byTsion April 11, 2009

Okay, maybe not so good...

COLLEGE ROAD TRIP tries really hard to be the great family film of the year, but it doesn't quite suceed. Raven is great and there are some funny moments, but mostly it isn't that good. There's really nothing wrong with this movie, besides one scene where Melanie says she's going to the library but really goes to a party. Her actions have no consequences.
Adult Written byJilltalks April 9, 2008

Albert The Pig Rocks!

This was a great DVD! I loved it! Hope you all did, too?
Adult Written byMoMo2008 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bysvstreutker April 9, 2008

A safe bet for your tween/pre-tween.

Surprisingly my 7 year-old daughter was dying to see this movie. We went with her Brownie troop for a mom and me outing, and I was entertained. The movie is good for 6-12 year olds; older kids would probably think it was too much for little kids. There is a lot of bad judgment in the movie, both by the kids and the parents. Nothing too earth shattering, but I definitely talked to my daughter after about the daughter lying, the little brother sneaking off, and the dad climbing in a window at a sorority house. The best part for those ladies of a certain age was the Donny Osmond cameo as a hyperactive, show-tune singing dad. Overall, unless you've promised your kid a trip to the theater, you could easily wait for this to come out on video.
Adult Written bymadgepicasso April 9, 2008

A True rated G movie, how refreshing!

Great movie, no foul language or issues to have to explain. Shows Raven in her tue to life positive role model. Ok she sneaks out to a party in one scene..but still I did not find this harmful. Promotes kids thinking about college and trying to do their best. Really funny! I will watch again when it becomes available of DVD. Kudos Raven..I just love her!
Adult Written byJJnCowtown April 9, 2008

Family Friendly Feel Good Movie

This movie won't win any cinematic awards, but it gave my 9 year old daughter, her friends and me a lot of laughs and a wonderful night at the movies. Martin Lawrence and Raven Symone were a good comedy team. Donny Osmond made me laugh out loud. The music was fantastic! Everyone in the theater was laughing and dancing in their seats. A couple of younger kids were in the aisle dancing. What a wonderful thing -- I was able to take my daughter and her friends to a fun, family-friendly movie that didn't have any foul language, bathroom humor or scantily clad ditzy females. I just hope production companies produce more movies like this one! Bravo!
Adult Written bypoko April 9, 2008

Laughed Out Loud

I took my 8 year old and we both loved the movie. My 6 year old wouldn't have understood all the jokes and would have had lots of questions about why the dad is under a bed, climbing in a girl's window, tricking his daughter. So it's definitely for the "That's So Raven/High School Musical" set.
Adult Written byspongebobrocks22 April 9, 2008


great choice for disney channel fans