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Parent reviews for Collide

Common Sense says

Awful action-thriller's only plus is over-the-top bad guys.
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Parents say

age 18+
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Kids say

age 14+
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Adult Written byMichael C. October 13, 2017

Logically stupid, but action packed

The premise is absurd and the film is plagued with cultural errors, which may not matter to many viewers, but is terrible annoying to Europeans. Here are 2 examples. First, the premise of the story involves a young American woman who needs a life saving surgery. Her American boyfriend decides to steal a truck full of cocaine to pay for her operation. This may seam like a noble gesture, but it is a false value to teach. Besides, the movie plays in Germany, which, like most European countries, has a national single payer health system that provides free life saving medical care to anyone in the country independent of place of origin. The motivation doesn't make sense. I know because I was in Germany and had a life saving surgery that was entirely free. Why would someone have to steal to pay for medical care when it´s free? It makes sens ein America, but not here. Second, in one scene, the boyfriend needs to gas up the car he stole, but the gas station doesn't accept large bills and he has no credit cards, so he is stranded at the gas station where the bad guys catch up with him. Again, this makes no sense, because in Germany you gas up and then you pay. Essentially, the boyfriend, who was on the run, could have gassed up quickly and simply driven off without paying. Of course, the stations in Germany have cameras so when someone does forget to pay, the owner receives a bill in the mail for the gas plus a €65 fine for not paying. This actually happened to me. If you ignore these cultural errors, it´s a fun action packed movie.