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Color Out of Space

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age 12+

A fun zany sci fi horror

Going into my dad had warned me that this film would have some very disturbing images, I really wish I took that warning to heart. This film is body horror from start to finish, do not watch if you have a weak stomach because there are some very gross images of creatures fused together. But other than that there’s a bit of language, sex and drugs, nothing to bad. It’s not too violent aside from some blood spurts. In short watch it if you have a strong stomach.
age 16+

VERY GOOD MOVIE, but disturbing

This movie was so disturbing. There was an infused mother-son with spider legs, Gore like shooting head's off and the heads exploding, and cracking a bloody egg open, and finally cut off fingers and blood galore.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 16+

Really Lovecraftian movie with Nicolas Cage. Instantly a win in my book

We see this family's slow descent into madness after a mysterious colorful flash and a meteorite land in their yard. I thought this movie was disturbing and it really uses its Lovecraftian inspiration to its advantage. No spoilers,go watch it NOW
age 17+

this is a really disturbing and creepy movie lots of unsettling scenes but really good and amazing acting