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Parent Written bynobbsy June 8, 2013

She Really Screams a Lot!

A standard formula for movies is: an irritating, spoiled young girl from a big city is sent away to live in a rural location. While there, she becomes less irritating and finally actually likeable, or even lovable. Usually there a horse is involved in the transformation. There is no horse in this movie and the girl remains irritating for a long time. Too long. She screams at everyone all the time. Where her doddering old Grandpa opens his bathroom door and sees her wrapped in a towel, she screams at him. When he turns away she screams at him again, insisting that he come back and shut the bathroom door. When he comes back, to close the door, she screams at him again. Later when she falls out of a motorboat, she screams at the guy who saved her life. By that time I was sort of wishing she had drowned. Eventually she starts to mellow out and act like a normal human being, a side of her that remains hidden during the first half of the movie. Another problem with this film is Annie's parents, especially her mother, who acts like an unbalanced shrew during 95% of the movie. Not much family value in that! I watched this movie twice, and liked it much more the second time, knowing the irritating girl was going to change. Some viewers might not last that long.
Adult Written byJulie Wagner April 9, 2008

Take your kids!

This was a touching family film with moments of humor and warmth. The bratty behavior of the pre-teen is real, as is her transformation as she understands that her grandfather really understands her. I was so happy to sit in the theater and see real people who don't have to use foul language and who understand the importance of family.
Adult Written bycarla meissner April 9, 2008

What I've been waiting for!

I have 3 girls ranging in age from 4 to 9 and we don't see many movies because of the nasty language, sexual references or numerous other reasons. This was a refreshing movie about a REAL girl (good at heart, but not a perfect "goody-goody") with realistic family issues. My husband and I loved it as did our girls. We need more choices like this!!!