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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

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age 12+

Not bad

I watched it . It’s one of those movies like sleep over and get a clue also with Lindsay Lohan . It was alright.

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age 11+

A cute movie

I thought it was a very cute movie. It made me laugh, epecially when Lola was daydreaming that she was Marilyn Monroe. The music was very good, too. I was singing along. Lindsay was excellent as Lola. She is proving to be a good singer too. I viewed the movie as a kid at heart as well as a parent. There are very few movies for kids, especially for preteens. The movie gives a little bit of insight as to what kids might encounter in junior or senior high school, although not as dramatic as the movie. Kids do daydream (We adults did it as kids and we were probably drama queens and kings as well.). Kids want to fit in especially when they are the new person in school. Parents, do you remember your own experiences when you were kids? Did you learn something from them? Lola did fib about her dad being dead but she did realize later that she was wrong. We all make mistakes but we need to learn from them and try to make a positive out of a negative. Also, Lola's and her friend's parents did the right thing by gorunding the girls. The only skimpy thing that I could recall was the kids were doing the final scene of the play. At least, they didn't dance around like Britney Spears does in her videos and her concerts, or touching their private parts like Michael Jackson (I would have screamed bloody murder.)Maybe the outfits that Lola and her friend wore going to the concert were a little skimpy as well. Otherwise, they dressed like normal teenagers.The rock star that Lola idolized was the only person in the movie that drank. At least Lola had the common sense and the guts to tell her idol that he was an alocholic (I was so proud of her. More kids should do that.). The good thing was that he listened (I always thought the kids were smarter than adults give them credit for. So parents, listen to your kids. They are smarter than you think thanks to some of the commercials against smoking, drinking, and drug abuse. Keep talking to your kids. They will thank you later.). If you keep drumming good values into your kids' heads (Churchgoing or non-church going) you are still doing a terrfic job either way. I see no problem with the movie. Just relax and keep in mind that you were a kid at one time.