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Parent reviews for Crawl

Common Sense says

Relentless, terrifying alligator movie with lots of gore.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 14+
Based on 11 reviews

Kids say

age 13+
Based on 21 reviews
Adult Written bySam M. July 12, 2019

Dissapointing disaster/horror doesn't push the envelope.

Almost 1 hour of this 80 minute movie is cliched and boring. There are a couple of decent shots but the CGI crocs look terrible, the jump scares are predictable and lame, croc chase scenes are sloppy. There is little sense of escalating danger (no one seems too bothered with increasing flooding and there is little attempt to show how worse the storm is getting). Characters are introduced and immediately killed with no effort to build interesting or intense sequences with them. Characterization mostly falls flat. The sister character is pointless, we are clumsily told about things that happened between characters rather than shown and the acting in the beginning is embarassingly bad.
However the 3rd act does get a bit better. More well constructed action, an actual character arc getting fulfilled, and finally a sense of danger from the crocs and the full force of the storm. Although it still feels like a short film bloated into a feature. I figured there would at least be some decent gore given this is an Alex Aja movie (Hills Have Eyes '06, Piranha 3D) but this could've been PG13.
Adult Written byRonnam1 November 4, 2019


Me and my om watched this film expecting a good quality thriller, but we were disappointed. The acting is OK. Literally, 70 out of the 80 minutes of the movie were in a crawl space. All the actors do is the occasional ''grunt''. She was attacked 3 times by a 20 foot alligator and yet she survived with minor scrapes and cuts. So boring, don't waste your time.
Adult Written byRapgodrapgod October 21, 2019
Adult Written bySpz74 September 28, 2019

Realistic.....if you're a Floridian

This movie has the total Wow factor. Being as though my family and i have been through many hurricanes, this is absolutely possible especially if you live near alligator alley. This is definitely a must see.
Adult Written bymomof25 August 22, 2019

Ok for kids

Younger kids might find this movie to be scary, and there's some fairly gruesome violence. However, this movie is much less graphic then, say, Jaws, or something along the lines of that. I personally believe this is ok for kids eleven and up who can handle a little bit of violence.

This title contains:

Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDaniix17 August 21, 2019

Something new, Intense, Worth watching

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bylpetlock July 17, 2019
Adult Written bysaadg125 July 17, 2019

Rated 12A for strong violent/gory images and brief language.

The movie is very intense throughout, once the gators appear then it becomes a very good thrill ride with some gore throughout. The movie suffers from some unrealistic things that put it down for me a bit and I wish that the characters were flushed out more.

My age rating system:
U for all
PG parental guidance is necessary
12A under 12 requires adult accompany
15A under 15 requires adult accompany
15R restricted to those 15 and older
18R restricted to those 18 and older

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byFireDoc1980 July 15, 2019


This movie is a total waste. There's nothing realistic about it. Nothing interesting. It should have been left in the can. Save your money and go to a stripper bar. By the way, I give it one star because the don't have zero
Adult Written byMAHL2013 July 15, 2019

Very intense

Definitely for older teens. Lots of blood, you see bones sticking out of legs, and some swearing. I liked it, I like thrillers but not for kids under 16 in my opinion.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 12 year old Written byF. P. July 13, 2019

Gator film with some Gore and Jump Scares

The film is a quick 90 minutes. There are only 5 deaths in this film. The deaths are quick CG deaths. The gore is mostly Bones sticking out of the body, a scene involves a character their leg with the bone shown. A character loses an arm to a gator. A few jump scares, but overall pretty easy horror film to show kids.