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Truly Insane

I’m not sure what i expected going into this film but I’m glad about what i got. There’ve been so many horror films featuring imaginary friends, usually attached to creepy children—another massive horror trope, but this film manages to utilize that concept in the best way possible. This is an insane film and I’d recommend going into this film knowing not too much about it. Not nothing but don’t watch the trailers. Believe me, it’s a truly mental movie but not so mental that it sacrifices plot or character to make sense. The acting was great, in a wacky and appropriately over the top fashion. And the score. It clicked perfectly with the film and really enhanced the overall unsettling vibe. This film is also terrifying in an unconventionally way. It never shocks or even disturbs but instead goes for a much darker route relying on themes and ideas that really get under your skin. There is some cg used throughout this film and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and it can become noticeable. Some viewers might also struggle to understand the ending of the film, it’s certainly one that doesn’t give all the answers or tie up all the loose ends. I usually dislike these types of endings but for me, this one did enough to work. I can’t stress enough the fact that I haven’t seen anything like this berserk downward spiral and I’m happy that I found it. I doubt daniel isn’t real is for everyone but if you’re a horror fan i’d seriously recommend this film.

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