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David and Goliath

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Mostly Biblically accurate, but so poorly done.

It is one of those movies that you know won't hurt your kids mentally, but is so poorly made that you cringe when it is playing. Goliath surely knows more than three sentences. None of the soldiers look like they would make it one minute in any battle. The costumes look like they came from Walmart and somebody's attic. Basically, everyone was yelling at David trying to convince him not to fight a fat couch potato with a fake voice and limited vocabulary. The Philistines are absolutely laughable. The whole thing is laughable. The flabbiest armies in the history of mankind.

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Great messages
age 12+

Gruesome but realistic

The movie was gruesome with low quality, but for the most part followed the Bible. (The biblical Philistines were not nice people and were very gruesome. ) The movie did have David quote several Psalms and show that God can do the impossible through faith.