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David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

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David Attenborough is a cool dude

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The most amazing and important film!

This film is an amazing representation for why we have to adapt and make room for the original inhabitants of our world, the animals! It has inspired me to do great things for the natural world, and it will inspire you as well. There are some sad parts, but that is what you need to understand about nature, it can be sad, but with your help it will be a happy place again. In the end, David shows you how to make a better world. I think that every person should watch this. I personally think that younger kids will not get what it is all about, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t watch it when they are a bit older. Overall, I could not ask for a better thing to do in my free time, than watch this. In a month, I have already watched it twice! A very important thing to know about this film, is that it will tell the truth about global warming. If you or your child can’t handle that, they should not watch it until they are older. There will be a sad part but you must watch until the very end to see the positive outcome of the film. The positive part is at the VERY END.

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Great messages
Great role models