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Parent Written byharold1066 November 18, 2014

A great addition to the 'Diary' movie genre

Our whole family love this movie and we watch it regularly! Our 10 year old introduced us to is after reading the books. It is quite a useful movie to introduce discussions about tween issues around relationships and self image. It's a little edgy in its humour and the behaviour of some of the charters at time but never goes too far. The musical numbers are a terrific addition to the movie and the cast are great.
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Parent of a 8 year old Written bycaryn33 March 15, 2015

Enjoyable with a message

My daughter and I enjoyed it.
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Adult Written byTaygon55 July 21, 2015

This movie is so confused

This movie has a good message but everything falls flat trying to tell it. The two main characters are so poorly written it feels like they are the villains of a bad sitcom. They do nothing that makes them the "good guys". They hate Angelina for no reason other then she has a crush on the same boy as the main character. Even after they slowly learn that she is nothing but a good person they continue to think that she is scum, an are only justified in their hate of her until the last 10 minutes of the film and all it does is come out of left field, completely nullifying the whole message of the film and all the good deeds she did. Just to give you a reason to hate her. The main characters friend is a sociopath that steals and blackmails for her own ends and is happy when the main character learns to blackmail from her. As I watched this with my little sister we were both flabbergasted at how poor of a movie it was. Save yourself and don't bother.
Parent Written byLisaLisa1969 December 24, 2014

awful and message is all wrong

Maybe it gets better, but I couldn't get past the first 20 min. Watched it with my 12 year old and 9 year old who begged me to shut it off. I was appalled by the song that suggested that "perfect people" be "rounded up" and "shipped off". Way too much like Nazi Germany. Really? The answer to a 12 year-old's popularity problem should be rounding up the people they don't like and shipping them off or better yet, "all the world's problems" would be over if "perfect people" would "vanish"? Is this movie breeding Nazi youth, future KKK members? I don't understand Common Sense Media's review of this. What is the positive message where the answer to a child's problem is to actually get rid of the so-called "freaks of nature" and put them "all on an island" or better yet, make sure they "vanish". Wow!
Educator and Parent Written bynotsomighty April 30, 2016

All about crushes

The only redeeming part of this is the cute songs and at the end the "evil" "mean girl" is shown to actually be a perfectly nice kid. But meanwhile the entire thing is about the girl and her crush and crushing on her crush and all about her crush. My 9 year old has zero interest in anything to do with crushes. I wasn't expecting the movie to be about that. Kids were mean, stereotypes were rampant, and all about the CRUSHES. Ugh.
Parent of a 8 year old Written bymutigerpaw April 21, 2016

For older kids

Might be good to watch with older kids 10 and up, but not for young kids.
Parent Written bydustinh January 3, 2015

Give it a chance, it gets better

It starts slow, doesn't have much of a plot, and the main character is really annoying at times. BUT after almost pulling the plug, I'm glad we stuck it out. Several scenes in the second half help the movie redeem itself, delivering some heartwarming material that I didn't think was possible based on the first 45 minutes. Overall, good messages for kids who are navigating middle school. The material is pretty clean, with nothing more offensive than a few fart jokes. Some glamorization, but it's used to set up and pay off the message that inner beauty trumps lipstick. To anyone concerned with the reviewer's (LisaLisa) comment about Nazi Germany, she's referring to a daydream that the central character was having in which she wished she could send away all the popular/pretty people. Nothing dark or violent, just the thoughts of an unpopular girl dreaming about life without competition. She snaps out of it, and by the end of the movie, realizes that she misjudged more than a few people in the school.
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Adult Written byjessicajlom1 March 1, 2016

dear dumb diary

I think this book is just fine.The characters of this book is Julie and the people she doesnt like, and its also about her crush Hudson Rivers. She rights in her diary how she feels. Something then happens to the diary... and thats when her problem starts.
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Adult Written byalani September 11, 2015


Its not necessarily the plot but the girl is so annoying oh my god she thinks she is so amazing and it totally ruined the books and had nothing to do with the books???? I really hope that someone makes a movie that's actually based on the books! and even the girl is just SO ANNOYING LIKE THAT MOVIE MAY HAVE BEEN GOOD IF IT DIDNT HAVE HER IN IT! I didn't even get halfway through she annoyed me that much shes has a really cocky voice and its saying that if your pretty you should be dead basically which I think is stupid and offensive!!! I would rate it -100000000000000000000 if I could tbh
Parent Written byElcieNorth July 19, 2014

Too focused on looks and the crush

I got this at the dollar store so was not expecting much and my 9 year-old daughter and two friends enjoyed it during a very long car ride. The acting was better than similar fare on the Disney Channel, however, I was disappointed at how much animus the main character shows to other "perfect" kids, mainly it seems, because the other girl is blond and good looking. I understand how it's part of her character's insecurity, but the core of Jamie's message -- also expressed in a song -- is that those kids should "disappear" was a little over-the-top and should have been tempered by the adult director. It's a giant cliche that doesn't advance the plot. Also, given that younger girls are likely the real audience (vs the middle schoolers portrayed in the movie) the depiction of the crush was also a little off. Not a horrible movie but not one we'll watch again.
Parent Written byAlexis B. February 19, 2017

What role model?

I think parents should know that the main character in this movie is a boy crazy, self absorbed, shallow young girl who is obsessed with how she and everyone around her look. Children will love this movie, but I think the role models were terrible!