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Death Sentence

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age 17+

If you don't mind violence and extreme language you'll love this movie!

This movie was very violent. I did like it but I do not think it is appropriate for kids. Also I want you all to know wee have a special dvd player that takes out all the bad language. No so much gore but very violent. People are stabed and sliced with knives and swords. There are many shootings. People get shot in the head chest and much blood is shown. A mans leg is blown off. As for the language. Not a minute passed without f*ck being said at least twice. Over 100 uses of f*ck and its other combinations such as pairings with mother, ing, and er. g**d*mn is said close to at least five times. Then many other milder words such as sh*t, d*mn, h*ll, p*ss, *ssh*le, and just *ss, and sexual words. On that note. There is no acctual sexual content other then a few words said about it. The main plot is about a man getting revenge for his sons murder so some may find his revenge and the message behind that offensive. Although I think people should be more worried about the language and violence.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing