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Kid, 12 years old July 16, 2013

a 1

theres another message read the guy shirt when his watching the news its the F word spelt backwards
Kid, 10 years old October 26, 2014

What is everyone talking about?

This movie is THE BEST! My favorite movie! I know, the father gets shot, but this movie was not made for small kids! It's hilarious, the songs are VERY catchy,(I've memorized all the songs) and the message is great! As a warning, there is some innuendo and rude humor, but other then that, it's completely fine! The leopards are great role models! The monkey screaming "WAR!" all the time is not to bad! However, this movie is not for sensitive kids.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Kid, 10 years old August 9, 2013

Very bad Indian movie, though good message

This movie is pretty violent, but in an animal way. (No humans get hurt.) Though a little cub's father dies from the shotgun of an Indian construction worker, in slow motion. A monkey continues to shout "war"! all the time, which might go over children's heads. A monkey continually tries to murder a parrot, and shows a bear doing disturbing things to him, but at least it has a good message: Protect Nature. A monkey holds a range of weapons that are shown on-screen. 6+
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much violence
Kid, 10 years old August 23, 2013


When I put NOT FOR KIDS up on my review, I mean that for parents too. This movie stinks. The songs are silly, the parrot is weird, and monkeys love war. That's really unrealistic. Also, no violence concerned, a dad dies. And the little cub is so sad. And he also has to leave his home. As much as there's a 'saving the forest' meaning. Don't waste time on this. I watched this with my cousins and it was really silly. I couldn't stand it. "Pump out the monkey, pump out the monkey." Now that was just stupid. Please, time is precious, and this SO isn't.
Teen, 14 years old Written byDelhi safari sucks December 5, 2015

Delhi safari will Rape your brain

Delhi safari gave me cancer my childeren will never be the same "MY EYES" The characters are all stupid how is it in the category of family movies! And birds dont have bindi's! If i were those humans and i saw a parot talking to me i would keep throwig rocks at them till they die so the movie wont be as bad