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Fantastic Hitchcock thriller is violent and dark. 14+

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Too much violence
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Killer Movie

Dial M for Murder is not one of Hitchcock's greatest movies, but it's still pretty good. My main gripes with the film are a few long talking sequences early on where not much happens and that in general I couldn't find anyone to root for. Grace Kelly's character is a married woman having an affair with the leading man (although all that is shown is some mild kissing) and her husband is a cold-hearted man who is seeking to kill his own wife. This isn't a spoiler by the way, the dvd box tells you that much. There are really only two things parents should be aware of with this film. The first, obviously, is the adulterous relationship (which overall is handled tastefully) which the film never really condemns as wrong. In fact, because of the wicked husband's actions you are almost inclined to root for the adulterers. The second is a tense murder scene at the beginning in which (without giving too much away) someone is nearly strangled and someone is stabbed with a pair of scissors (no blood, but still intense as the scissors are seen actually going into the person's back). SUMMARY: Well-crafted Hitchcock film is not one of his greats, but still makes for an interesting two hours. The film is a bit slow-moving, but no major content problems.
age 12+

Fantastic Thriller for Tweens and their Families!

Dial M for Murder is a great great film! It's appropriate for all but the most sensitive tweens and teens and makes great family fare! The plot is tense, intricate, and absolutely riveting. As the Common Sense review stated, the action is restricted to one tense fight scene. We do hear a lot about an investigation into a murder and that someone is facing the death penalty. Characters lie to each other with the intent to hurt or kill. We hear that a couple has an adulterous relationship (which is not condemned). There is a good deal of social drinking and smoking, but this film is set in the 1950s where hospitality began with some scotch and a cigar. Altogether fantastic movie that is great for tweens and their parents!