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Parent Written byPlague December 17, 2009

Buddy Christ!

George Carlin was hilarious in this movie, as was the whole cast. Awesome movie.
Adult Written byJohnny J August 6, 2011

Full of emotion, full of laughs. Great film.

Ok, first off, I think this is a great movie & personally feel it's Kevin Smith's best work. Second, this is not for kids. My understanding of the US rating system isn't as full as my understanding of the UK rating system, but I grew up in the point is for example, in the UK this was rated 15 - I believe this was a mistake by the BBFC however. It should have been rated 18 (the next rating up) or somewhere between preferably (I reeeeally think it's time for the UK system to undergo a total overhaul. Cause hardly any movies are given an approriate rating there anymore). I really don't like all this passing off the harshness of something (be it language, sex or violence) in a movie "because it was done for comedic affect/in a comical way"...afterall there's comical and "comical". I see what some people who use these phrases mean - but lots of people who use them are just copying what they've heard somebody else say (that old chestnut), so have not really considered the full implications! Imo a movie like this or, for example, a movie like 40 Year Old Virgin (that has nearly 300 F words I believe - plus the other words) should be rated more harshly on the frequency of the swearing and receive an 18 not a 15 (if indeed, language is an issue as we're constantly taught it is). ...Anyyyway, this movie has no sex, but there is quite a bit of talk of it (tho NOTHING like the level in 40 Year Old Virgin) and many many uses of sexual swear words. There is also a fair amount of bloody violence. There is some drinking and mention of smoking herb, but nothing is really seen well on that score - this isn't a Cheech and Chong movie lol! It is a very funny movie though. And being somebody who's parents tried to raise Catholic but is actually an Athiest, I found the whole crisis of faith plot points of Bethany but particularly Bartleby & Loki really well done (you really feel Bartleby's frustration)! Ben Affleck gets a raw deal imo next to Matt Damon, imo they are both EQUALLY good actors. And Affleck is the bomb in Dogma, yo! There is a little toilet literally!..But ultimately nothing of that type of really cringy "humour" that grosses you out. There's also a few great nods to the world of Star Wars and Indiana Jones among others too. My advice is to sit back ready to chill, switch your brain off, and let this movie draw you won't regret it :)
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Adult Written byellaward93 October 17, 2014
One other thing I would add is that at one point a woman is shown in a loose shirt and panties - when jumping out of bed she briefly swings her legs over showing her private area ( although covered by underwear ) and then shows her bum ( again covered by underwear )
Adult Written bySettingXSail January 11, 2009
Adult Written byjanwatches April 9, 2008
This is a brilliant movie. It treats religious belief seriously and understands the pain that loss of faith can cause. It puts women in a position of power. While it could be upsetting to those who fear to question faith, it ultimately affirms the comfort and value of embracing God.