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Teen, 13 years old Written byEmilyB123 August 7, 2010

Confusing for young teens and tweens

This movie will confuse a lot of younger teens like myself and tweens. I think to fully understand the concept of this movie you have to be at least 16.
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Great messages
Great role models
Teen, 16 years old Written byMr581 July 27, 2009
there is no sexual elements seen but the whole movie is about a priest molesting a child
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Too much sex
Teen, 15 years old Written byMoviefan101 July 3, 2009

A fanatastic religious film

This film was my 2nd best for the religious drama catergory. Meryl streep played a good role in this film. Philip Seymour Hoffman played the most stupidest role ive ever seen. He is not the person that shgould have a role as a priest. In Conlusion it is a good film but kick Philip Seymour Hoffman out of any diocese
Kid, 12 years old July 1, 2010


This is one of the most suspenseful films I've seen ever! The acting was AMAZING! Once you start watching this movie you can't stop. So don't plan to watch some of it, stop it, and then watch it later it won't happen, trust me!
Teen, 15 years old Written bylelexy2000 December 8, 2009
i didn't think there was anything that bad in that movie. they was really no language. and no sex. i mean the message of doubt wasn't that good. because the nuns are trying to figure out if the priest had an relations with Donald miller, but nothing was ever shown. i don't find anything wrong with 13 years or old seeing that movie.
Teen, 13 years old Written bylovettbeatle September 27, 2009

Mature Kids Love It

I loved this movie! Mature kids will appreciate the great acting and script... nothing really innapropriate per se, just the topic,
Teen, 16 years old Written bydtlounge7 August 8, 2009

not for kids at all, but a great movie

kids may not have an interest to see this movie, although it is a movie with a message, kids may not understand this movie at all, and therefore may get bored. however, people that do understand this movie, will see the greatness of this film. phillip seymour hoffman makes a great priest. some people dont know what there are talking about when they say that he plays a stupid role!
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Great messages
Great role models
Teen, 13 years old Written byErgtjg July 15, 2009

Very mature, but fantastic

I have a very mature and philisophical taste, but many teens probably will not appreciate this movie for the masterpiece it is. Absolutely phenomenal acting. Very deep, and really makes you examine yourself, your judgement and what you believe in. Stunning.
Teen, 14 years old Written byeteichert June 19, 2009

Outstanding Entertainment, but in a dark, dreary form!

Im not saying DOUBT was bad, it was amazing in fact! But it's very cark ang at some points depressing overall, its a fantastic drama with outstanding performances and an entirely complete and compelling story!
Kid, 11 years old June 12, 2009

one word-GREAT!

wow! i watched this just recently, and i have to say, i wasn't that excited to see it. man was i wrong! it was rich and thought provoking, with just a touch of mystery! there is not anytnhing visually innapropriate about it, but the overall storyline is not really ok for kids under 12 or so. a great movie with a phonomonal cast! a must see!
Teen, 13 years old Written byjessie12896 May 22, 2009

Boring for kids...

This is not an inappropriate movie as far as sexual content or violence. However, religion is questioned, so if you're very religious, this isn't the best choice for you or your children. Children wouldn't understand the movie. Even if they did, they would be bored very quickly...
Teen, 13 years old Written byThinker96 April 20, 2009

Depends on the child...

This is a very provoking movie. Nothing is ever explicit. I'm 13, and I'm really glad my parents let me see this movie. The two main things you would worry about is if your child will understand, and many may be disappointed by the unresolved ending.. The only thing I didn't like about this movie is it tried to cover too many things, instead of just focusing on the issue. It was very honest about the goings-on in the catholic churches without pointing fingers. It was amazing. I would advise parents just to think about their child before they let them watch it.
Teen, 14 years old Written byeastside01 April 13, 2009

Some "Doubt" in this movie

Although they all got beat out at the Academy Awards by other talented actors, the acting in this film is flawless, but on the other hand the movie itself is OK. The problem with the movie is that they don't get the young boys' perspective and that is the main plot of the movie about the priest(Phillip Seymour Hoffman) commiting a crime towards the boy. But Streep's terrific acting and supporting cast is worth renting.
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2009

Doubt is a unique and highly recommended film

Doubt is a film that I'd recommend to teens or adults for that matter. Children won't be aware of the plot revolving around sexual encounters with a priest and a child. They wouldn't also understand the dialogue occurring in this film since it's highly sophisticated and above age level. I highly recommend "Doubt". For sexual content 1/5, the whole plot revolves around a woman accusing a priest of having sexual encounters with a black student. For violence 0/5, there is none. For profanity 1/5, a child utters the word bullsh*t. For drug content 2/5, characters do smoke but infrequently. For social behavior, a priest is accused of being a pedophile or having sexual relations with a black student. So the priest is definitely not a positive role model. For consumerism, the only advertisement is just of an electric radio, but that was used in the earlier ages, so it's extinct from our generation. I highly recommend this film to teens and adults. While nothing is inappropriate in terms of content, there are numerous discussions of a nun accusing a priest of having sexual relations with it's first black student.