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A proper ending to an incredible series

I have seen all of Breaking Bad and have considered it to be one of the best series I have ever seen, especially it's ending. I thought that the ending for the original series was perfect. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Or what feels like a 2 hour episode. It brings you back to that time period with meticulous detail. The energy is back and I did not realize I was nostalgic for it. Perhaps because I lived in Albuquerque for 10 years, but there is something about witnessing the Owl Cafe and the other sites in this film that bring back a familiarity that is comforting and well-executed. Jesse's character finally gets a proper ending.
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age 2+

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 13+

Incredible continuation of an incredible show

El Camino (2019) is a continuation of the award winning television series Breaking Bad. The film is jaw-dropping from beginning to end and holds the best values from the show while containing its very own unique values in itself. Despite holding countless similarities to the show, El Camino is not nearly as mature or violent as it’s predecessor, but still able to easily obtain an R rating. VIOLENCE: MODERATE All throughout the film Jesse has emotionally intense flashbacks to being held in a cage, humiliated and tortured. After the events of Breaking Bad, Jesse is shown taking a shower revealing lashes on his back as blood and dirt pours into the drain. Jesse is shown with lashes on his back, cuts on his face. We see Jesse being sprayed with a hose as his captors laugh at him. This is shown in a flashback or memory he has of his torture. A woman is shown lying dead on the floor with a belt tied tightly around her neck. A man states that he killed her because she found his money despite being an excellent maid and a good person. They wrap her pale corpse up in a rug and throw her off of a balcony onto the concrete below before loading her into a truck and burying her in the desert. A man aims his gun at another man and takes his gun before aiming one gun at his head and the other at his partner, before the man gives himself up, gets tackled to the floor and has an electrical cord tied to his hands. After this, one of the men forced a gag into his mouth before they let him go. Not graphic or violent. A man is dehumanized and forced to run back and forth while locked to a cord which is strapped onto a metal bar above him. He runs back and forth getting pulled and slammed around as men around him humiliate and laugh at him. A man is suddenly shot multiple times on the chest splattering blood on the door behind him. He slides to the ground smearing a large amount of blood onto the door before another man removes his gun and begins shooting at the other man. They have an intense shootout before the man is shot through the head splattering blood on the glass behind him and sending his head into a vending machine and smashing the glass on it. His dead body twitches as everyone in the room stands in shock. This is the most graphic scene in the film and contains a substantial amount of blood, however this is the only instance of real onscreen violence. A massive building explodes as fire erupts all around it. LANGUAGE: MODERATE Around 9 uses of “f*ck”, 22 uses of “sh*t”, 6 anatomical terms, 17 mild obscenities, name-calling (lying, evil, scumbag, defective, slow kids, Sasquatch, skinny, clown car, weird, pathetic, big boy, dump, crazy, Opie-looking self, rat, bastard, silly), exclamations (heck, shut-up, jack me up), 1 religious profanity (GD), 17 religious exclamations (e.g. Jesus, Thank God, Jesus Christ, Oh My God, Oh God) SEXUAL CONTENT: MILD 3 prostitutes are shown exiting a car and walking in a building with men. They are later shown packing up and leaving the building afterwards as the men beg for them not to go. No sex, nudity or explicit talk can be heard. Some sexual slang and references, however none too noticeable or crude. DRUG CONTENT: MODERATE Multiple scenes show men drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes. 2 men smoke a joint. A few scenes depict a man chained up and forced to cook meth, however this is never once shown in progress. A handful of (light) references to the selling and cooking of meth. Men are shown snorting cocaine while talking about how good it is. A man is clearly shown affected by the drug afterwards. This is the most graphic depiction of drug content in the film. OVERALL: 13+ for some violence, language, some drug use and for disturbing content and images

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 15+

Excellent continuation

It's an excellent continuation from the TV series there is barely any swearing and no nudity, there is a small bit of violence but nothing gruesome
age 14+

Good way to wrap up a characters journey

The only reason this movie is for more mature audiences is some gun violence, some swearing, and a small amount of drug use. Nothing that high school aged students haven’t been exposed to or heard reference to.