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Eloise in Hollywood

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age 14+

Better to pick if you're curious, but teenagers will not likely be entranced by this for a long time

Kids will likely get a kick out of Eloise but teenagers would likely be disappointed. She's not a fun girl sometimes, in this one, she goes to Hollywood after her mother has suggested her to be an actress. She goes to meet Debbie Lincoln, a girl that we think we'd like until she begins to disrespect the actors and the director and then she apologizes. Tiring the director out, he decides to replace her with Eloise. At first, she was doing fine until Diego became overly strict with her as she was acting the role, I'm sure he was trying to make the best movie possible but he's still too strict for a kid to have. There is no good lessons to be found here. This little girl gets on my nerves with her bad behaviors and is literally going to get kids to act the way she does with her overly big imagination. Just pick something else, it's fun, but not fun enough that the teenagers will turn it off and want to watch something different.