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Delightful Austen adaptation has a couple of cheeky scenes.
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Adult Written bylauramh7 March 11, 2020

The nudity distracted and annoyed me for half the movie

While I absolutely love the story of Emma, and otherwise the movie had beautiful scenery and some of the actors did a good job, the director's choice to show full nudity of both Emma's, and the lead man's backsides was 100% for shock factor. It played into the movie and the characterization in absolutely no way, and made me angry. So much so that when thinking about the movie that's all I can think about. It was a sensationalist choice, and because of it I would definitely not take my kids to this "PG" movie. I think it would absolutely mortify Jane Austen to know someone portrayed her characters this way.

My vibe from it, summed up: "Let's throw some poop in our brownie mix. Nobody will notice once it's baked, right?"

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Adult Written byWalktheTalk March 2, 2020

Should have been PG-13 for nudity twice!

How did this achieve a PG rating when you see full nudity from behind on a male and partial nudity on a female?! Also, while the movie had pretty scenery and did have a few surprisingly comedic scenes, much of the movie fell flat with drawn out, long, boring sequences that almost caused me to doze off in the theater and put the person next to me fast asleep. Personally, I prefer the older version of Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow whose pouty, silly attitude made it much more entertaining to watch. The actress in this version was much more serious and uppity as was the rest of the cast, just not much chemistry going on to care about.
Adult Written bySistersinpetticoats March 20, 2020

Nudity, should not be PG

It is fine, but has two scenes out of nowhere that have naked backsides. I was watching with my kids and trusted the PG rating. It was super awkward. It has beautiful scenery but it a little slow and hard to follow. It is not as good as the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma, we will be watching that tomorrow to get this taste out of our mouths.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySunnyZim March 21, 2020

Unnecessary nudity, boring and hard to follow

As one who studied the book at school I truly don't know how someone who hasn't read the book would be able to follow the plot in this adaptation. It's very rushed, with little to no character development or chemistry. Add to that completely unnecessary nudity and I say don't bother with this version. Watch the one with Romola Garai instead.
Adult Written bykaptainkalves March 21, 2020

Witty, Endearing Characters, beautiful sets

Loved the perfectly timed, clever nuances, pauses and unexpected music. By far the most charming Mr Woodhouse ever! My only complaints were there were two too many naked rear ends, one shaggy and not handsome Mr Knightley and a poorly-timed noise bleed that ruined the proposal scene. I prefer the actors in Gwenyth’s Emma to this version, but otherwise, this one takes the cake (& goose), literally!
Adult Written bymovieman48 March 10, 2020

Handsome but not Austen

This is a handsome adaptation which is fine as long as you don't expect Jane Austen's version of Emma. It is severely compromised by the casting of Knightly as a much younger man. He is such a hunk it makes one wonder why Emma hasn't swooned her way to the altar with him before the movie began. The fact is though Austen's novel is far more subtle in bringing out the eventual affection of Emma for a man who is like an elder brother to her and (almost) old enough to be her father. The performances here are all mostly fine so it provides good popcorn entertainment as long as you don't expect too much Austen.
Just to say that some have found the shot of our hero's naked backside offensive. But what can you expect after Mr Darcy's wet shirt in Pride and Prejudice? Directors now try and outdo one another. I thought it rather pathetic to say the least.
Parent of a 14 and 17-year-old Written byWeedPuller March 7, 2020

Lovely adaptation

My teen girls and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. We've all read the book and have seen at least one other movie version, which helped us understand what was going on between the characters. There's lots of (very well done!) non-verbal communication and many assumed social expectations; not everyone will find it engaging. But it would help a person "get" the book. It's quite faithful to the novel (with a couple of intriguing interpretations by the director). The sets and costumes were gorgeous, and the music added to the effect.

My take on the skin shown is that it's utterly non-sexual and non-sensual in both cases. Neither is necessary for character development or anything, but does kind of illuminate the relationships super rich folks had with their staff people. The kissing at the end is a bit out of character for Jane Austen, but well within PG expectations.
Adult Written byson's mom March 1, 2020

Fresh, Literary Family Entertainment

This updated version of Emma is a fresh, visually arresting, finely acted retelling of a favorite story. There is nothing bad here (no swear words, violence, overt sex, drug consumption, etc.) The nudity that’s getting some attention consists of two brief scenes that take place near the beginning: a man's bare bottom as he is outfitted into his clothes and a glimpse of the title character's thigh (chaste and brief). This might disrecommend the film to some, but the scenes were handled as matter of fact and were not salacious in nature. There are no real sensual scenes either, save a romantic, yet fairly innocent, kiss or two at the end. This is essentially a comedic story of early 19th-century manners that touches on class, gender roles, and the politics of romance among other things. Similar to other Austin renderings, the action is in the words and dialogue, and all the pleasure and misunderstandings that take place therein. The quick and able conversation is characteristic of the people and their corresponding social roles at the time. Older, more mature children will better appreciate the subtleties and deeper meanings of the discourse, but the film can also be enjoyed just on a simpler, more accessible level for children as young as 8 or 9 years of age who can sit through a film that provides more intelligent, witty conversation than action.
Adult Written byHyperion1 February 29, 2020

The language used is an old English style and difficult to understand in places

I think the most important thing to say about this movie is that it is difficult to follow the storyline due to the characters speaking in 'old English'. All of my family as well as the people sitting around us in the cinema found a lot of the conversations and relationships in the film difficult to follow due to the unusual language being used. This was made worse when the characters spoke softly.
Because the dialogue was difficult to follow I found myself following the movie by watching how the characters interacted.
If children are not familiar with the language used in Jane Austin novels they will struggle to understand this movie.
There is some nudity in the beginning. A bare adult male backside. There is a fair amount of passionate kissing towards the end.
My 13 yo daughter found some of the acting performances a bit poor, particularly Emma's display of emotions at the end

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