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End of Days

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age 13+

Sort-of fun, don't expect much from it

End of Days is one of those "bad" movies that you'd watch with your friends, laugh at, and enjoy the violence (since there's really nothing else that you can enjoy in this movie). You don't watch it if you're expecting 1) deep character development, 2) complex plot twist, 3) a plot, and 4) oscar-worthy performances. It's fun to watch when you're in the mood for 'that' type of movie. The dialog and acting are 'relatively' good, and the plot isn't so bad that it'll ruin the movie. Overall, End of Days is an okay movie that you'd only watch to see some mindless-violence (which is fun every once and awhile). I'd recommend End of Days to anybody whose looking for 'that' type of movie. As for iffy content, there is a lot of bloody violence, including (get ready for a long list) a man hung from the ceiling with scalpels stuck into him, a man burned alive, a man shattering into pieces, a mother and daughter shot and killed off-screen, people stabbed with crosses, a humans tongue in a jar, a man committing suicide by leaping into a sword (portrayed as a heroic act), bloody and brutal fights and shootouts, and some big explosions. There is also a threesome with the devil, a mother and a daughter (bare breasts are exposed) and a handful of f**ks, s**ts, and goddamns.

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Too much violence