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age 15+

Fairly interesting drama

I quite enjoyed this, it managed to hold my attention. I don't think younger or immature children and teens could handle it, I'd say 13 would be a stretch just based on attention spans. But 15 is a perfect compromise. There is no explicit sex, that I can promise- actually there's really nothing at all besides a few kisses and discussions of affairs (nothing goes into detail). The language is fairly mild, except for about four or five uses of the f word. Its tame on violence- a few explosions towards the end, and the mass grave sequences are not graphic, they're just extremely intense, and the bodies contain no blood. A few characters smoke pipes, and drink. This is a fairly complicated film, but one I did enjoy. Kate Winslet's character was easily my favorite, I would like to add.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+

gripping, confusing, tense drama will put off tweens, will enthrall computer geeks

this gripping, thrilling, and overall awesome war movie mixes suspense with a complicated storyline, which may be to convaluted for younger tweens. this WWII drama has little in the way of violence. it does include a scene of planes bombing a town and buildings burning in the aftermath. other violent scenes include massive explosions on boats and submarines, bodies piled high in mass graves, and fist-fighting. the REAL reason this film got an R rating was of the 4 F bombs and a scene of sex, which only shows bare backsides. a man is nakes in a scene, but we don't see his lower area.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing