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Touching animated story celebrates unlikely friendships.
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Teen, 17 years old Written byuplift panic September 2, 2014

The best movie I ever seen

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Teen, 16 years old Written bySalsander October 4, 2014

Simple and Cute

The foreign animation "Ernest and Celestine" is a must see for families. Originally voiced in french, the film transitions well from english dubbing. Though the themes presented don't cover new ground, the easy to understand approach along with impeccable animation makes the film invaluable for children and adults alike. There is a clear class conflict between bears and mice, though Celestine (a mouse) desires to befriend a bear. It does a good job of showing how the perception of other animals (as shown through exaggerated, feigned, and manipulative stories) can mislead us. Though initially frightened of each other, Ernest and Celestine brush away their misconceptions by talking it through. Other themes include the pitfalls of unjust exploitation and staying true to one's lifes goals regardless of what society demands us to be. Aside from the great messages, the characters do misbehave a bit. Ernest and Celestine steal candy from a shop's cellar, a large number of teeth (a wealthy commodity in this society), and even take a shop owner's car while being pursued by the bear police. Though the store owners are questionable morals and the mice are tasked to steal teeth, these actions are a bit hard to justify. There are also some scary (but non-violent) moments and scenes of peril. The stories of the bear told by the mice society might be a bit scary for very young children, but it's not graphic (just a recount that bears like to eat mice). There's also a mildly frightening nightmare sequence (about 30 seconds) where Celestine is trapped in a sea of mice and a spooky voice tells her she shouldn't have befriended a bear (though she wakes up with Ernest to reassure her). A bear shop owner attacks (but fails to hurt) Celestine for intruding. When both societies become aware of the robbery, they angrily chase and track down Ernest and Celestine. While escaping from the mouse society, Ernest accidentally wrecks a few buildings when jumping from house to house while pursued by a swarm of mice police (though nobody is hurt). They are jailed temporarily and a death sentence is implied though never stated (a mouse and bear trap are created). When on trial, the courtroom lights on fire by accident while the judges are phased in a tirade, though Ernest and Celestine save them from the fire. These are the only scary scenes though and the are far and few between. Most of the story revolves around the friendly interaction between Ernest and Celestine. Lastly there is some mild name calling (moron, stupid, dumb), but it's infrequent and mild. A definite recommend for all families, though it might be a little scary for viewers under 6 years old.

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Kid, 11 years old December 29, 2014

Amazing Family Movie!

This is probably one of my favorite family movies, because it is so sweet and has great themes of freindship and how being different is good (even though at first many of the characters did not realize it). Not only is it an amazing movie, worth seeing if you have kids or not, it has a great soundtrack/music, which is what makes a movie great. There are a few scenes of violence and scariness, one is near the end of the movie when Ernest and Celestine are in different court-rooms because mice and bears are not allowed to be friends. The judges are very scary, and the courthouses catch on fire, making the scene even more scary. SPOILER! After this scene, the judges come to their senses and realize that bears and mice should be allowed to be able to communicate and be able to hang out together. SPOILER OVER! A really great movie, you have to see it!

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Teen, 17 years old Written byjunebug107 March 10, 2015


The movie is adorable and has beautiful animation. The story is fun and teaches about two unlikely friends, and how they get along. The story is unique and charming, as well as the music and visuals. There is an occasional use of "dumb" or "moron", and (spoiler) a scene in the end where the characters are caught in a burning court house. The scene could be frightening to younger kids and almost reminded me of older kids movies that would take a sudden turn that would jar kids. However, kids over 7 should be just fine with this movie, and it is very cute and entertaining.

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Kid, 11 years old July 6, 2018
Kid, 11 years old May 7, 2018

Aww... Lovely Story

I, personally liked Ernest and Celestine very much. Based on a book series, the animation makes everything look drawn and painted. Originally made in France all the writing is in French but you can change subtitles and the language. Ernest steals and breaks the law to try to get food, and Celestine steals from the bears to bring back teeth for the mice, but then they are in-prisoned and brought to court. It was a good movie and a clever idea too, I give Ernest and Celestine 5 stars!

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