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Moody Biblical battle epic about Moses is gory and dull.
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Adult Written bySpencerleavitt December 26, 2014

It's better than most reviews would lead you to believe...

After seeing all the negative reviews, I decided to add my two cents. Is Exodus: Gods and Kings the best movie of the year? No, but it was fun to watch and provided me lots of food for thought. To keep this review short, I'll reduce my thoughts to a few points:

1. The acting is phenomenal- not one actor phoned in a substandard performance.
2. The CGI is often quite impressive, with towering waves and enormous thunderstorms seeming to fill the theater.
3. The story (while treading familiar beats) is a fresh, new perspective on the story of Moses.
4. The characters aren't painted in black and white. Pharaoh's humanity is as evident as Moses' and they are both conflicted characters. It is easy to sympathize with either of them.
5. This film also includes one of the most interesting interpretations of God that I've ever seen in film.

1. While the CGI is often impressive, there are times when the massive crowds and Egyptian landscapes are clearly fake. These moments could be quite jarring and only served to pull me from immersion.
2. The violence reaches a level of gratuity that is rarely reached by Biblical films. (I'm looking at you, Mel Gibson) There were several times when I thought the movie was venturing into R rated territory. (But then again this might be a pro, because the Bible is also very violent. It could be that Ridley Scott was trying to be true to the source material)
3. The pacing. There are a few select moments in the film that drag a bit and seem to detract from the overall story.

SUMMATION: When I walked out of the theater, I felt that Ridley Scott has taken a traditional black and white story and turned it into something delightfully ambiguous. If you see this movie with the expectation that the story should follow beat for beat what is written in the Bible, you will be disappointed. If, however, you would like to see a new, fresh take on an old story, give this film a try.
Adult Written byVoyager3 July 27, 2020

Not biblical

The Ten Commandments was more biblical than this movie. Moses went to the burning bush and talked to God and wasn't buried by a landslide and talked by a kid. God fought for the Hebrews and it wasn't the Hebrews fighting against pharaoh.
Adult Written bymovieman48 March 26, 2020

Why can’t they just tell the story?

The story of the exodus is a tremendous story when you read it from the bible and I never know why film producers think they must try and improve it somehow.This film is hugely frustrating as it has all the special effects to bring the story to life yet has to unaccountably ‘modernise’ it by making Moses some doubting idiot of a warrior and ‘God’ reduced to petulant boy. I suppose this is how Hollywood wants God. But it least the old 10 Commandments film with all its tack had some great moments. This has absolutely none outside of the lavish special effects. Nothing makes sense. A turkey in every way. Why couldn’t they just stick to the story? Don’t even bother!
Adult Written byrobertgroen July 9, 2018


First of all, judging strictly by the fact this film was directed by Ridley Scott, it should come as no surprise to everyone and anyone who watched it that there were some Hollywood liberties taken for entertainment purposes that have NOTHING to do with the actual account of the Hebrew Exodus. That being said, it would, of course, be disappointing to those who know the actual account of the Exodus as it's recounted by Moses in the book of Exodus in the Bible.

When directors like Ridley Scott (or any director) take such liberties , it obviously comes as no surprise to them that they will obviously face some heated backlash for doing so. On the other hand, some details in the book of Exodus are left to the imagination; in that case, people like Scott are free to take artistic liberties to 'fill the gaps' left by Moses himself for the sake of a logical, creative and cinematography storyline.

For example, the book of Exodus says that God/I AM spoke to Moses through a burning bush. It doesn't say anything about transferring to that of a boy (as is depicted in the film). HOWEVER, it is clever of Scott to use the imagery of a boy to depict how God can use any medium/person He so chooses to thwart the plans of men.

That being said, Ridley Scott goes too far with artistic liberties with, from the very beginning of the film, depicting Moses as an Egyptian general - and for all intents and purposes - a 'brother' to Ramses/(Pharaoh) , who Moses confronts both in the book and film, but in very different ways , completely different from one medium to the other.

For example, in the book of Exodus, there is no mention whatsoever about Moses being a skilled leader, let alone A leader, that would remotely suggest that he'd be up to the task of leading the Hebrew Exodus in the slightest. In fact, what makes the Hebrew Exodus so incredibly miraculous is the FACT that Moses was the FURTHEST thing ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY would consider 'leadership material'.

This is a grave mistake for Scott to make. This is a big artistic blunder for two reasons that are intricately connected: The book of Exodus makes every concerted effort (keep in mind it's written by Moses himself!) to make it absolutely clear to the reader that Moses is not cut out to lead the Exodus at all. In fact, he has a stutter! Moses tries repeatedly to 'bow out of it' and suggests that his brother Aaron would be far better suited for the job.

God/I AM, clearly irritated with Moses' response, decides to meet him halfway. He agreed with Moses that Aaron could be the mediator between God and Moses with regards to voicing the complaints/concerns of the Hebrews as they developed. HOWEVER, the LORD would not let Aaron be the one to lead His people out of Egypt. That would responsibility would be squarely placed on Moses' shoulders, with of course God's leading and guidance every step of the way.

But I digress. In the film, Moses was leadership material from start to finish, even though he questions himself about it a few times. In REALITY, this was not the case. He wrestled with it INTENSELY (something Ridley Scott should really have given more time and focus on).

Secondly, another mistake he made, and no small one at that, was the intensely anti-climatic scene where the Egyptians were drowned by God in the Red Sea after He made a way for the Hebrews to safely cross it.

Another positive, however, is how the film depicts Moses' 9 years away from Egypt and how God calls Him back to Him after a couple of visions on Mount Sinai.

Moses' wife and son naturally respond with doubt and fear, believing the worst (that, for one reason or another, will never see him again.) The book of Exodus doesn't really say much about how long this time was and/or Moses' activities during said time. So, I actually appreciate how Ridley Scott spend the necessary time and effort with how the film incorporated both how Moses met and spent time with his wife, had a son, and life for Moses in his absence from Egypt, and his subsequent reunion with them after the Hebrew Exodus to unite his family.

This metaphor served as a powerful reminder for God's relationship with His people and His desire for human families to be united as one. The film ends with Moses and God (who for the last time in the film, appears to him as a boy), smiling to each other as they lead the Hebrews to Canaan, the promised land.
Adult Written byerica921 April 4, 2015
Adult Written byCan January 15, 2015


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Positive Messages
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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bykipwalker44 January 8, 2015

Great cast can't even save this empty, cluttered Biblical epic

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bymathest December 20, 2014

Biblical Inaccuracies

This movie portrays many biblical inaccuracies. As a Christian, my husband and I thought we were going to see an inspirational Christmas movie only to be disappointed in how the movie was so far from the true Word of God, that we left saddened instead of inspired. The movie portrayed natural occurrences in the place of the supernatural. The movie featured God as a young boy who constantly argued and competed with Moses to see who best could get Pharaoh’s attention to free the Hebrews. Moses carried a sword instead of a staff and killed 4 men. There was no parting of the Red Sea of which Pharaoh survived the Red sea instead of drowning. Crocodiles were used to turn the water into blood. This was a scene similar to the movie “Jaws” in which the crocodiles were launching out of the water and biting men. The bloody water caused the frogs to leave the water, which then caused the flies to come once the frogs started to die on the land. One scene after another displayed the accounts in the bible so different than what we read in the Word of God that I pray that if you do not know the truth, find out for yourself and pick up the bible and read the truth instead of believing what you see in this movie. It is a false account and should not be taken seriously.
Adult Written byguillermop December 17, 2014

Not a biblical story...

The story is far away from the real biblical story. The effects are amazing but it include so many fake and/or non existing scenes, it could confuse your kids from what the bible teaches.
Adult Written byfreddiej December 16, 2014

Plenty of Time/Money to Get it Right

Don't bother going to see this movie, personally, let alone taking young kids to see this movie. If you spend time in the Bible with your kids then be prepared to answer several questions during and after the movie. There was plenty of time and money allotted for the making of this film so why the writer chose to utilize his interpretation is baffling.
Parent Written byMae December 15, 2014

Exodus gods and kings Review !!!

I was so excited to see this Movie, I saw the trailer looks awesome. Plus, it's been a long time. And it's Christmas coming so I though this will be a great Movie. I'm a Catholic, & also Served As a Christian. Sometimes, when I'm with my Dad , he read Bible for me ,and now I'm a woman still read that stories, Im familiar the real Story of Moses. I've seen most popular Bible Movies. But this it's Horrible Movies I've Ever seen EXPERIENCED!!!. Yes, children will enjoy this movies if they don't know the real stories of Moses. However, most families known the stories of Moses will definitely will be disappointed. Because everything it's opposite, alot missing, if weren't for my friend, I will definitely will not finish the Movie at all!!! I will give this -1 STAR. Goodluck parents, this is not good for families Movies for the holidays.
I prefer->Big Hero 6 , fury, horrible bosses 2,Interstellar, Penguins of Madagascar,the hobbit marathon 3D,
Adult Written bythefade210 December 13, 2014

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