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age 14+

Sad, but essential viewing.

If you were born after the civil rights era of the 1960s, as I was, you will learn much. Even if you lived through this you'll see that the horrors were worse than you assumed. One will also see how seemingly unrelated issues, such as highway revolts, are sometimes rooted in civil rights, sometimes in a real sense, other times in a de facto sense. Whites will have their horizons opened up, while African Americans will learn new things in addition to what many already know, and will have an expanded sense of what many already know. Lastly, the age recommendation. I put the green light at 14 because some kids will be more upset by these than by fictional material because everything in this series is true. However, some will put the green light at 11 or 12. Indeed some junior high teachers probably will use this series in their classes. While I think that this series can wait a couple years, I understand why some think otherwise. I have no problem with those who think differently. Parents and teachers are ultimately the best judges of what their children or students can or cannot handle.
age 13+

Must Watch

Until I saw this documentary, I did not understand the savagery of white racism in America. Seeing real film footage of the racist insanity literally made me weep. From the gut-wrenching story of Emmett Till to the Boston busing crisis, it broke my heart. Black people already know this history. If you are white, even if you are an adult, you had better get a copy from the library and and sit down to watch.

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