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Fahrenheit 451

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Much more mature and original adaptation

Compared to the 1966 adaptation, this is a much more mature and gritty version. Farenheit 451 overall was a very good adaptation. Although it didn't follow the book's original plot, it still got the message through clearly that we shouldn't burn books. the film however has some F-bombs (7 in total, one combined with mother), a few used of s--t and a use of a--. Some scenes has brutal fighting, but no gore. Farenheit 451 has many tense moments, making this film not a good choice for sensitive viewers. But in conclusion, this film adapted the book in a new original and still effective way. If you have younger kids, the 1966 version is a better choice.

This title has:

Great messages
Too much violence
Too much swearing
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age 11+

The book is essential reading for children; this adaption of the novel is a good supplement for teens and mature tweens.

This is an adaptation of the Bradbury classic into a more modern world. The themes of the book are mostly present in the movie: the dangers of giving control to the government, the hazards and harms of book banning and group-think, and the truth and beauty that good art can nourish in our souls. Parents should know that the swearing is a bit gratuitous. While there is drinking and drug use (the drugs are unnamed eye-drops), the message is clear: these people have lost their purpose in life, lost their sense of the good and the beautiful, and their happiness is a shallow facade for their inner emptiness. Jordan is an excellent actor and does a great job in this movie, while the other performances are adequate. The message is important and uplifting, and I’m somewhat shocked that HBO greenlit this project seeing as it focuses on objective morality, the importance of truth in art, and its warning against giving control to the government to silence dissenting opinions.

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Too much swearing